Is the Wiki Wrong?

I usually use the wiki to check what the maximum stats are on the Legendary class mods, I just got an OP5 Legendary Berserker from the Loot Train and every stat is higher than the wiki. Can the stats just go higher in OP levels, is that the reason?

The Borderlands wiki is actually notorious for being full of wrong info, like when it was on there for months that the Jolly Roger was a Dahl shotgun even though Dahl doesn’t make shotties in 2. I think the innaccuracy can be best summed up by a BL wiki member saying “the wiki isn’t about factual info, it’s about being a community” when someone tried starting a campaign to fix all of the numerous inaccuracies and false info on the Wiki.

I see, thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

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A lot of the gear stats have not been updated since 72 was the hard level cap (no OP levels). Stats do indeed go higher in OP levels. If you want to know the max stats on any gear, there’s a set of spread sheets on Google docs with all the relevant information. You can find links to them at the bottom of this post:

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I might have a link to a Google doc that has the max numbers for different gear at different levels- I’ll have to check all my bookmarked links though…

Those links are at the bottom of the Part Spotters Guide I included above^

Borderlands wiki has alot of wrong info or missing info.