Is There a Borderlands 3 Coming out?

it there cause i see people talking about it

Not for a while. At Gearbox’s most recent PAX panel, they announced that they have begun to work on BL3.

How about we have them fix these games first. :wink:

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Amen on that, I beleave they should fix what they got out before going on to something else, Cause these games still have probs that have been there sense day one, and now the remastered has added on to that. But, we get what they give, that’s how it is these days
To be honest, id rather see a remasterd BL1 than a new BL3

There’s a funny thread on the Reddit about BL3.

I am guessing if they are just starting work on it now it will be 1.5-2 years before we are playing it.

IGN is showing for E3 in june that BL3 TBA, so something is gonna be said about it then, but ya, with battleborn and everything else going one, we are looking at atleast 2years for BL3

And if not is what we will have other real DLC campaign on TPS, like Borderlands 2?
Borderlands 2: 4 DLC campaign, 2 characters, 1 arena and some mini DLC.
Borderlands TPS: 1 DLC campaign, 2 characters, 1 arena.

I Agree Completley