Is there a bug with the scoring system on RENEGADE or did I miss something :/?

Hey :blush: !

So I’m trying to get silver on missions to unlock Kleese, and there is that one particular mission where no matter what I do I end up with bronze :expressionless: !

Mission “The Renegade” where we free Caldarius.

I’ve done it several times to no avail…

Just did it right now making sure I kill everything loot everything complete every challenge thrown at me, build everything that is buildable. Didn’t die, etc…

Here are the screenshots :slight_smile: :






So ? Any idea ?

Thanks in advance !

there isnt many bosses is the first one now… the other one is did you collect BALLZ?!

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I’m not sure I understand what you mean :open_mouth: !

As far as collecting, I tried to collect everything I could : everything !
By that I mean the only thing I didn’t collect where the overshield when I was already overshielded, the run speed when I was already under run speed, and the CD reduction when I was already under one :

Everything else I did collect !

well the yellow ballz are the most needed stuff to get good medals

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Well that is stupid then because it is BY NO MEANS an indication on how good one would do :expressionless: !


Just because you’re unlucky and can’t get those balls before they disappear mean you get medals or you don’t ???

So in essence you can do a sloppy run and not kill everything or complete every challenge but if you’re lucky enough with the yellow balls you get high ranks whereas if you do the best run possible but don’t get lucky with the yellow balls then you’re stuck at bronze ???

REALLY ??? :hushed:

**WHOA this HAS to change… **
This is an absolutely stupid mechanic :rage: !

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OH WAIT : I “apologize”, I hadn’t seen there was a topic on the matter already…

So YES please add me to the voices that think it’s particularly ASININE to have the yellow balls mechanic :rage: !

BATTLEBORN is what I want to play : NOT PACMAN !!!



The problem isn’t just score bubbles, some missions are next to impossible to get a high enough score for silver/gold in solo. Every additional teammate doesn’t divide the score up between them, for the most part it adds to it. With 3+ teammates you might each get from 18-25k instead of your 35.

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Ok listen, I tried again. Killed everything, looted everything, did all challenges, didn’t die, etc…
On the last boss, on the platform where he positions himself I went close to him before he died to make sure I’d gather the yellow balls.

Guess what… They swirled around and disapeared and I couldn’t get enough to make it past bronze.

This is aggravating, it’s to a point I don’t want to play the game anymore until they fix this :

:rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage:


:rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage:

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i keep getting silver on this with low 70k pts with full team. my understanding is you need high 70K to get gold. something like 78K pts.

I have gold on normal w/ 77k. Highest on Advanced is 88k. I was in a group from Discord farming it & we got gold 6 or 7 times in a row (they were convinced there’s a platinum medal still in the game so we were trying for that). A good team - like, not pugs, & not solo - will do it. I do agree w/ OP that the disappearing score orbs is a ridiculous mechanic, but a full team scoring points & grabbing orbs should do it.

I’m doing it solo, can’t get past low 40k…
And so far I’ve never been able to grab enough of the yellow balls at last boss on the platform to get more than bronze.

I’m done trying. I’m going to have a pause playing the game, no need to spend time on a game that I’ve been waiting for a loooong time and that now does nothing but frustrates me.

I’ll check back these forums once in a while to see if some devs come back to their senses and correct the stupid mechanic.

The major thing you get points for is killing enemies, and the more people you have, the more enemies there are. The medal system doesn’t scale to the number of people playing, so it’s pretty much impossible to get anything above a silver or bronze, depending on the mission. However, if you have a full team of five, you’re pretty much guaranteed a gold medal for most of the missions.

The Renegade is hard to get gold on for sure, Gearbox has already adjusted the scoring on some maps and said they might do it on more based on peoples scores vs medals. So they are looking at them.


Cool thanks Derch, glad to hear that.

Because as it is right now, even cleaning the whole map (and I mean the whole map : even the part under the bridge) isn’t a guaranty to get silver if you happen to miss some of the gold balls, as a solo player…

Oh well, I’ll wait for a patch I guess. :confused:

its easier in 5 player to get a higher score, they said they are looking at the scoring for lower number of players to balance it out

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That’s all good but still it doesn’t make the yellow balls mechanic any less asinine though. If those balls were giving extra money to spend at the marketplace : fine, but linking them to a ranking that is supposed to be about skill… #Seriously :worried:

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Tried Hardcore too…

Nada :expressionless:

Oh well…

Time. I got silver/gold kinda easy. Score is based on time, I believe. That’s what I was told, and since I started playing accordingly, I usually get silver or gold. I could be wrong.

Time has little impact on your score, if ever.

There are quite a few boxes under the last bridge (the one where you get minion reinforcements to help you). And it’s not even on one passage - one is accessible from the start of the bridge, another at the end. When I played with randoms, I usually did not see people going for them. Your score looks quite close to silver, maybe getting a few more boxes open and collecting score points would be enough.