Is there a build for Amara that doesn't focus on action skill?

I have a niece who plays (Amara) with me in splitscreen sometimes, and she really likes the game. But she almost never remembers to use the action skill (though she does like the Phaseslam).

Is there a way I can help her build the character so most of her damage comes from guns, and it won’t hurt her too much if she isn’t using her skill a lot? I was thinking maybe something with all the elemental bonuses, along with good survivability? Any suggested skills?

Simpler would be to use guns with radiation when under 50 life and a front loader. It s not really going to be that important to use ase then.In addition you can use a breaker com with as much as personal space as you can


Not because Phaseslam or cast are that powerful (though they can be made to work with certain builds) but because Ties That Bind (phasegrasp skill) is all kinds of ridiculous, even without Mayhem scaling. TTB links enemies and transfer damage between them, so it buffs Amara’s guns using action skill damage and double dips most damage bonuses. It ends up multiplying her damage by several times. She also has a few bonuses that are active during or shortly after an action skill is activated.

So most of her damage will come from guns, but you also need to use the action skill to get the most damage out of her.

If you want to build a tanky type gun user a build using the “stone” com actually gets a lot of benefit from hoarding rush stacks (up to 75% DR or 45% if not using mystical assault tree beyond a 1/3/1 distribution in the top row) it should be quite tanky, and with a Pearl + arms deal + tempest + personal space she’ll have at least decent mobbing DPS with good splash weapons.

Ultimately though any VH sans action skill is starting with one hand tied behind their back.

That setup sounds great. Great enough to be nerf-bait. Surprised they haven’t clipped it yet (or maybe they have something in the works…?)

Yeah, I figured as much. I might encourage her to try Moze. She played a bunch of one of the later Halo games with me, and got pretty giddy whenever she could pilot the mechs. Having access to one might actually encourage her to use the skill.

With Moze she could run a bloodletter class mod build which doesn’t require action skill or grenade throwing.

That sounds great. At least she’d have options if I found she still couldn’t remember to use the skill. Thanks.