IS there a camera mode for the PS4? Am I missing it?

Like the topic, IS there a camera mode for the PS4 or only on the PC?
Will it be coming out with the update?

Is it available on the PS4 and I am just to dumb to figure it out? ( probably)

I NEED TO KNOW THESE THINGS my life is pretty barren as you can tell I don’t have a lot going on lol

Only on pc at the moment I hear it will get patched in later to consoles

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Any word on Lan for consoles? i don’t have internet connection and bought 2 copies just so i could play with my friend XD

not that I know of, but I have not looked either.

Aww i hope it gets added soon… it’s the only way i play borderlands and i was so aggravated when they removed it from borderlands Goty remaster

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Screenshots were supposed to be added a few day ago in a day 30 patch. Enabling screenshots and twitch echocast but nothing has been said sinse launch.

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Ok, similar to the topic, how do I use emotes in game? For consoles, is it only at the game menu prior to starting the game? I see this wheel come up in YT vids and I’m like, how did they get that up?

On console hold in the start button (or whatever it’s actually called nowadays. Atleast that is how it is on Xbone) for a few seconds and an emote wheel will pop up.

Sweet, thanx

You’re welcome. That actually took me a few days to figure out since most games I’ve played don’t double purpose that