Is there a cap to the amount of EXP a character can gain?

i was curious and took my OP7 gunzerker and did a split screen co-op with my secondary name with a level 1 character and killed the bunker just to see how far the one kill would level up the level 1 character, after some further kills to level up different characters, i noticed that the EXP level never got much above 35,000 exp., is there a cap?

i have no idea, don’t think anyone’s ever actually measured it.

I think it depends on what enemies you’re fighting and in the case of the OP levels, how far into it you are- I think OP8 gives out the most XP per combat. If this is true then take a second character to the Barroom Brawl and see how many levels they gain while at different OP levels and then compare it to a run done in both normal and TVHM- a definitive answer could be determined this way…

What I’ve noticed is that if you’re close to levelling up, then you won’t get as much XP for a boss kill.

Could just be me being me though.

To compensate for the higher exp required for leveling up the exp you receive from side missions and enemies slightly increase. Despite not being actual leveling you do receive more exp with each OP level. There’s a certain difference between OP8 and 72 that can make leveling a bit easier.
Unfortuantely, UVHM gives out less EXP on 50 than on TVHM which will slowly rise to become close to the TVHM rewards. This is likely to compensate for the few levels yet to gain.

Otherwise the exp rewards can vary slightly due to the changing enemy levels but bosses always give the same amount as I’ve learned from BNK-3R farming (or at least with negligible differences), only raising if they level up too.
So basically, EXP solely depends on the level of the enemy or side mission killed/completed, not the difference. The higher they are, the more they give but the rewards scale rather slowly with each level. There is however a penalty if you are at a higher level than the enemy.

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That’s true for all enemies, not just bosses. Basically, the higher level they are above you, the greater the XP; conversely, if you are over-levelled, you’ll get correspondingly reduced XP. The mission reward XP seems to be fixed by mode and mission level as @BlackHeartV noted.


what im saying is that i took my OP7 gunzerker and did split screen with a level 1 character, killed the bunker, the level 1 char got around 35k exp. points, the exp. points didnt change even after i had gotten said level 1 char up to level 40, it stayed somewhere around 35k, you would think there would have been a difference between exp. points at level 1 and level 40

nope. the difference is you need a lot more experience per level, not the other way around. Think Pokemon.

Did something similar with my son, only I was level 61 and he was level 2. After a bunker run he was level 12, then level 18, then level 21, level 23, and then things slowed down slightly. As far the amount of EXP, it was hard to see as the “ding” for the level up tends to block the whole screen when playing split screen.