Is there a chance now for legendary weapons in earlier bl game keyed chests

I have never gotten a legendary weapon from keyed chests in earlier bl games, only purple. All my game play characters are at max or near max level and I have better weapons already than the purple weapons I get in keyed chests. It would make locked chests far more interesting for veteran players if legendaries were possible. if there was a unique good legendary only available from locked chests this would be even more interesting and desirable to watch for those shift codes

Only in BL3 and BL1 Remastered. I would say there is no chance to update Handsome Collection.

You never know really, BL2 had a recent update for Lilith’s DLC.

I’m making the assumption you mean the chest unlocked with Golden Keys?

Thousands (and thousands) of hours played and I’ve never seen a legendary in the golden chest, only purple and occasional blue.
Yes, would be neat, but as @GrzesPL mentions, it it’s going to happen now.

I do get legendaries on rare occasions from Red chests, but again, not very often.

I’m pretty sure about this. The update was only to add the dlc. It broke the OP levels if you don’t own the dlc and it was never fixed.