Is There a Counter Pick for Kelvin?

Pretty much what the title says. A good Kelvin is a nightmare these days and I’m hard pressed to think of anyone as a counter pick. I mean, even stunning Kelvin often isn’t enough because of his massive health pool. Any suggestions?

Breaking Character…

A melee with a slow/stun, silencing, and some gear damage enhancements should do the trick. Anything that prevents him from going into sublimate, slows his attack speed, and increases your damage.

A strong Marquis or Toby with damage enhancement gear and helixes can get him down fast, as long as you are fast, accurate, and can get him before he sublimates.

Toby especially with slow mines. If you can hit him from a difference with slow mines, especially after he sublimates, especially with Double Hug which gives you two mines, you can get him down fast.

Also sniper and melee attack combo is powerful if you’re playing with a friend.


Ghalt is also a good choice as you can pull him in and melt his health away with his high dps.


Montana, Beatrix, Galilea & Toby are all hard counters.

Montana - A lot of damage + slow
Beatrix - Ranged silence + constant wound
Galilea - Pull + silence + stun + slow
Toby - A lot of damage + slow/stun

You may not kill him, but he’s not necessarily a character you kill to “effectively” counter him. While it may not seem like it, a lot of it is baby sitting and making sure he can’t do anything. So even though he may not die, he may still be harshly countered as he is can be rendered useless that match.

Would’ve written more thoroughly but I’m on my phone at the momrnt and just wrote a more extensive post.

Edit: What Aku said.

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A team of Reyna and Kleese makes Kelvin disappear.


Either raw damage output via Montana / Toby, or anything that can interrupt Sublimate like a knockup, silence, or pull.

1v1 what ppl suggested, for a stun set up like kelvin, galilea, alani, etc.

Galilea is probably the best.
Ghalt but you stop getting picks and start to only countering kelvin.
Rath is usefull, but if he gets stuned he is done.
Beatrix, but you need to read perfectly the movement of sublimate.

I would just like to point out that Rath can’t interrupt sublimate after Kelvin’s entered sublimate’s gaseous ball form. He can only interrupt it while Kelvin is casting it. You can however, try to predict when he’s going to use sublimate and try to silence him before he uses it.

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The key to melting Kelvin (see what I did there? :smile_cat:) is criting him. So any character that can stun him so his crit spot can be focused is a good counter pick. My counter picks include:

  • Montana
  • Galilea - her silence can shutdown his escape/counter-attack when he recovers from the stun; plus, if you picked Wound on her shield throw or on Desecrate it shuts down his health regen and he can’t be effectively healed in a team fight
  • ISIC - while Sublimate is on cool down ISIC’s ultimate will melt Kelvin (ha, I did it again; it NEVER gets old :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)
  • Boldur - Kelvin vs Boldur is like Thor vs The Incredible Hulk, it could go either way
  • Bendict - he doesn’t stun nor crit because he doesn’t need to because his DPS is bananas and while airborne Kelvin can’t counter attack
  • El Dragon - En Fuego, that’s all I’m gonna say about that!
  • Toby - Double Hugs, that’s all I’m gonna say about that!

Honorable mentions:

  • Ghalt - if you can hook Kelvin from a distance and buffed attack speed you can land multiple crit shots before he reaches you and chomps you in the face
  • Whiskey Foxtrot - slow/napalm grenades coupled w/ his ultimate can (prepare yourself because I’m about to do it again!) melt Kelvin :grin: :joy: :smile_cat:

Hey, I appreciate the tips. It’s ice to see someone with cool sense of humor. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Man, people really need to chill with giving you the cold shoulder :smirk: