Is there a different loot drop rate between the Story and Ops?

Has there ever been any word on this?

I’ve been playing the Thrall Rebellion at 100 points a lot lately and I’ve noticed a staggeringly low legendary drop rate (aka 0). I’ve been trying to get Lanore’s Lament and and figured I’d get some Jen Commander Packs while I’m at it.

After ~15 playthroughs I’ve seen no higher than Rare gear dropped throughout the mission. I even did a playthrough with my girlfriend at 100 ops and had the same results.

Meanwhile, I recently went through The Sentinel and got all 3 legendary boss drops in 1 go with no boosters doing solo Advanced.

There is definitely a disconnect and inconsistency between the Story and the Ops. I know a few months ago the drop rates were globally increased in lieu of lootpocolyps’s but maybe some numbers didn’t carry over to Ops.

I definitely notice a difference playing Story vs OPs, other than specific OP gear that is.
Very rare to get drops in the Toby dlc, semi rare in the others with the Mike dlc being the most.

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Now that I think about it, I was getting Aria’s Encore like every other time I killed her when the mission first came out.

I definitely wasnt at 100 ops points either because I just did my first 100 point run this past weekend.

I’m thinking something is definitely wrong with the Operations, or at least with the Thrall Rebellion.


Drop rate is different, but I think it’s kinda logical. Ops only have one legendary instead of four, they take less time to complete than regular missions, and they are naturally replayed many times (10+) to know full story and farm skins for your favorite characters. By the time you do all your runs you generally have your Ops legendary. I, personally, don’t feel the drop rate to be broken low, but I also may be lucky with them.

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ive still been getting plenty of arias encores. just got another one yesterday. id chalk it up to rng, as sentinal NEVER gives me any legos :frowning:

edit, since i see your trying to get lanores lament, just know that is a loot pack only legedary, and the loot packs you get from thrall rebellion at 100 ops have increased chances for that ops loot pack legendaries (a change i was not personally happy with, as a side effect of that means its even more difficult to get the regular loot pack legendaries than before).


boosters dont affect in match drops. they just give you loot upon completion of missions.