Is there a Dlc Roadmap?

Can we get an idea on when the tier 3 skins are coming out? Also new game types? Also I would like to reiterate my desire for a new 2 handed hammer type character… And get a timeline on that too lol…

nope. Just the typical “in the works” and “be patient” responses.

I think Gbx tries to be as open with us as they can, but something is holding them back like marketing

Hopefully, we will get more news soon though.

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My hope is that we’ll get one new thing each month. There are scheduled to be 5 new characters and 5 story dlc plus some additional maps/game modes. All together that adds up to about a year of content, and that sounds like it’s about the right time frame.

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You lack imagination bro. Why not dual hammers as tall as attikus and the character itself the size of montana.

:star2: Body blocks :star2:

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