Is there a equivalent of the Cat Mod for Gaige?

Need to do more SMG damage.

Shock elemental SMG with a catalyst, necromancer, or Anarchist is about the closest you’ll get to Cat COM.

You could always use a Heart of the Ancients Relic that specifically boosts SMG damage, FFYL time and Second Wind Health.

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ok, Thanks.

Bone of the Ancients or basic Elemental Relic are superior to other relics in terms of damage. So best choice to have most damage is stick to BotA relic. As for class mod I guess Prodigy is a very good option to play as Gaige with SMG.

A Bone of the Ancients, an Aggression Relic and a Heart of the Ancients all boost damage by a maximum of +39% at OP8. However, a Bone of the Ancients boosts a specific elemental type of damage. So, if you aren’t using a weapon with that specific element you won’t get a damage boost. Granted, if you know you are going to be primarily using a specific element (Example: Fire with Maya, Shock with Gaige) then you are better off using a Bone of the Ancients that boosts that specific element since any weapon of that element will get a damage boost. An Aggression Relic and a Heart of the Ancients can both boost SMG damage specifically. Additionally, a Heart of the Ancients also boosts FFYL time and Second Wind Health making it a superior choice to an Aggression Relic.

Since @KerMaster is looking to boost SMG damage specifically for Gaige, his best bet is to use a Heart of the Ancients that boosts that weapon type’s damage. Regardless of whether he uses a Hellfire (Fire), Bad Touch (Corrosive), Yellowjacket (Shock) or Lascaux (The Unique Dahl Non-elemental SMG), he will still get a boost to SMG damage while using a Heart of the Ancients that specifically boosts that weapon type’s damage. As Maya I can always use a Legendary Cat and Bone of the Ancients (usually Fire), since using a Legendary Cat and Heart of the Ancients would be overkill as far as SMG damage is concerned. Also, the Legendary Cat doesn’t boost Cooldown Rate (unlike the Legendary Siren and Legendary Binder), so points in Quicken and / or a Bone of the Ancients are more of a concern for Maya players using the Legendary Cat. Unfortunately, there is no Class Mod equivalent of the Legendary Cat for Gaige.

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Why SMGs ?

The closest Gaige has to the Cat COM is the Jill of all trades that boosts AR damage and a pretty good mix of skills.

@Chuck80 I’m building my Gaige around the Chulainn.

@Poisd2Strike Alright. I will start farming LLMs for a shock Bone of the Ancients.

Yes, but that voids the concept of character-specific skills, which in Gaige’s case get massively amplified by anarchy. If you proc Evil Enchantress you’ll get a decent boost to all elemental damage, but the numbers won’t be nearly as impressive since a Bone is one step removed in the formula. Matching elements always pays.

If @KerMaster isn’t joking (I do hope he/she is) and actually intends to build Gaige around the Chulainn it either becomes a moot question or we’re going to learn something new and exciting about that weapon.

@cioran The Chulainn is actually decent for Gaige on NVHM and UVHM as long as you have the element skills chosen and have the gun at level. I just love having Slag and Shock in one gun. However I’m going to get rid of it since I just found out about the Florentine SMG.


The issue with the heart is it goes into the same place in the formula as anarchy so you wont notice it much, but a bone would multiply anarchy which is huge.


@Derch Good to know. I curently don’t use the Ordered Chaos skill tree, Maybe I should.

All SMGs in this game can be with elemental damage, except Lascaux like you said. But if you aren’t using SMGs with elemental damage then you are doing it wrong. Heart of the Ancients boost only base gun damage and its addictive type of boost. While BotA boost base and splash damage(if specific gun have it), plus is multiplicative. So with certain skills - 400 Anarchy stacks for example, difference in damage boost between BotA and HotA relics, will be huge in terms of DPS. And like I said before - Prodigy COM with +6 to Better Half will be very good if you want to run SMG Gaige.

If you are talking about DPS,
I recommend.


There is no better way for Gaige to increase damage than Anarchy. Don’t look for relics or COMS that will increase damage, let Anarchy take care of that and put your relic and COM slots to use on other things. That said, a Bones of the ancient in shock is a must if you intend to use the chulain as your main gun. I would also advise you to carry a Jakobs shotgun with a small mag to stack a bit of Anarchy early on, then switch to your SMG when you have a few stacks.

The Prodigy COM is great but the Sweetheart is also a bit overlooked. Considering you’ll be slagged pretty much all the time, the extra health could be useful.

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I can see your point, but as @Chuck80 said, you’ll be slagging yourself for a debuff which can be very dangerous. (Scratch that, it is very dangerous, always.)
The Florentine is excellent on Gaige, and she’s probably the only character who can reliably use it as a kill weapon and not just slag/strip shields-utility. B0re doesn’t really count.
If you aren’t yet in UVHM with her, however, (I think that’s what you meant?) you’ll need to boot another character into TVHM to buy one until she can earn Seraph Crystals of her own.

Since you own a Chulainn you’re also in a position to farm up a Slagga while you’re in the neighborhood. I would encourage you to do so, for slag utility you can’t go wrong with it.

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:laughing: 1050 % bonus damage (600 stacks) isn’t enough? What the hell are you hunting?

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@Ronnie_Rayburn Like I said before, I dont use the Anarchy skilltree, But might start next time I play. Didnt realise how good it is.