Is there a fix for nbot being able to join friends on co op yet?

just bought tps handsome jack collection and so has a friend, downloaded it from xbox one store aaaand we cant connect with each other for co-op, seen there have been issues with this but they are looking like it was way back around april time so just wondering if there was a fix for the problem yet?

Nope, it seems gearbox still doesn’t care about it’s customers.

Just because a fix is taking longer than anyone (especially gearbox) wants, don’t assume that it’s not being worked on. You can help by submitting a support ticket here:


Have you tried switching online settings?
I don’t have an X-Bone, but I have friends that do and they have to toggle a few times to get it to work.
Not great, but possibly a temp workaround. Some people are defaulting to LAN settings and have to change it to “public”.

If any of this helps…

Opening tickets has provided 0 useful suggestions because the game is completely broken and no changes a user does on their end will fix the obviously broken game.