Is there a fix for this!?

So uhhhhhh…I don’t have a cyclone anymore apparently

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Hmmm weird bug. Maybe try to steal one and take it back to a catch a ride station see if it restores it for you buddy?

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Already tried that. Every cyclone hijack target and like a couple that I just found going around.

I just noticed your other post regards the 2 loadouts being the same, when you click on the outrider to select parts the first option should be vehicle type Outrunner, Cyclone, and Technical.

You will start with just Outrunner and open the other 2 at story points. If you can only select outrunner again to edit after getting access, it would sound like the game as somehow reverted to a state before Loreli activates it.

If that’s the case and stealing won’t work it might mean no cyclone until your TVHM :frowning:

When you first get slot 2 filled in on loadouts it duplicates the last on you made yourself, you have to edit that to a cyclone. I presume you done this just adding this to be sure :slight_smile:

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I may have to start over again if that’s the case. I’ve been on mayhem mode 3 tvhm for a whole month now lol. I guess I take having a cyclone for granted now because I’ve never lost it since normal mode on my first playthrough. I’m bummed bc I just found out about how hijacking vehicles gets you new parts. I was just doing that yesterday. Oh well…
(Also I’ve never customized the outrunner in my life, only the technical and cyclone)

Sorry for your troubles man, at least with a reset you have a good chance of getting some decent anointed quest rewards on mh3 :slight_smile:

Wow dude I’m the biggest ■■■■■■ on the planet lol. All I have to do is select the vehicle body. I got so frustrated over nothing lmao

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haha thats why I added that bit to the earlier post, I had a feeling it might be, as its something I did myself at first lol.

Least its all sorted now :grin:

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Thank you! When I saw that snippet I was like, “they may be onto something🤔” and I facepalmed when I realized I could’ve done that in the first place.

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Don’t worry man i had completed TVHM on my first character before i figured out where to put weapon trinkets lmao.

I just always thought the little grey boxes were UI elements set aside for the classic d pad icons in classic controller mode :slight_smile:

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They should really make the trinkets bigger so that you can actually see them and like have a set placement depending on the type of weapon. Yesterday I found out you could have nothing equipped in your inventory and have everything in the backpack. Made photo mode much easier.

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I just wish we had a photo mode lmao! Its a PC only feature right now, and I am playing on PS4.

Hopefully it will be something they introduce once the games more stable.

I’m playing rn. There’s a photo mode in the pause menu!

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you playing on PS4 man? It was definitely a PC only thing at the start, looks like its been patched in if so which is awesome!

Not been in game for a few weeks myself so not seen all the patches.

It’s probably the same on pc and there’s like a quarter of a sec lag whenever you go into photo mode, but that happens in every photo mode on any game. I play on ps4

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Nice, then yeah it seems it came in recently, which is a nice bonus.