Is there a gear that randomly stuns you?

I was in a match where I kept getting randomly stunned. Only one character could stun me on the enemy team and was never there when it happened. If this gear exists, then seriously, ■■■■ that gear. lol

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I think you may have been the victim of:

Edit: Anyone know how to post an actual image in a message?

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I hope that’s the case. It was my first thought when I read the OP. lol

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Possibly WF was on their team.

That was making me mad. haha.

Were you a criminal scum? (aka a Rogue?)

If you look into the Match History and click on that game, you can see if any of them had the Scope-goat equipped, if so, then you have your answer 100%.

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I was THE criminal scum(aka Reyna).


Okay it was WF…jerk. I hope Deande breaks up with you.


Heeey… WHY AM I SCUM?! :cry:


This one is almost as annoying as “Alamo-7” Armor. I really hate that one.

Couple things:

It only works every 60 seconds, so at least there’s that. Very circumstantial, it feels like.

How long were you getting stunned? 2 seconds?

It is 2 seconds and yes I saw what it does. It was still annoying.

snipping tool always works for other applications, but I believe Lowlidev has made it simpler on their website, there is an arrow button (see below) which you can click to export as an image.
Not sure if this is obvious or not but oh well :sweat_smile:

And goes off to his one true love…

I made brownies! I might have forgotten some of the ingredients… but I made up for it with plenty of love!


Naw, Oscar Mike obviously wants Ambra…what is it with cloned soldiers and Jennerits?

I don’t know, are they addicted to triangles like the Jennerit are or something? smh