Is there a Good way to farm Bnk3r?

I know there’s a lot of good Legendaries that can drop from Bunker, but is there a good way to Farm it? or is it just not worth it cause of the gauntlet you have to run to get to it ?

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You don’t have to run all the way from Thousand cuts, if that’s what you mean. BNK-3R can be farmed after beating him in the main story. If you’re playing as Maya, there’s a very fast way to deal with him. It’s referred to as “Pseudo Bore”, and it’s based around using a Pimpernel, a Blurred Trickster and exploiting Chain reaction. If I recall correctly, this only works on PC, because of frame rates. It can also cause your game to crash because of frame rate drops. It does, however, work, and is quite effective.

Zero will just Bore the crap out of him, and be done with it.

I seem to recall there being a couple of easy methods on the other characters too, but I’m not that familiar with them, so I’ll leave it at that. But you’re playing as Maya, right!?


For the gauntlet, put on your tankiest shield and run run run! Distract enemies with turret, Deathtrap, Decepti0n, phaselock, etc as necessary. If you’re quick enough you can get past the Constructors before they can start hassling you. When I farmed BNK3R in the past I would actually fight my way there but there’s no need. Also, accept the Rocko’s Modern Strife mission from Brick but don’t do anything with it; it will clear out the hostile bandits from Slab Town and the no-man’s land, saving you a little of the harassment.

One you’ve made it to the bunker map, you can just kill him, quit/save after sorting the loot (don’t forget the red chest in the storage area underneath that opens up after he’s dead!), and restart, and you’re still on the bunker map, no need to run there again.

Edit: another method is this: if you’re on TVHM or UVHM, drop back down to normal mode, go through Thousand Cuts (the enemies will barely make a scratch on you), get to the bunker map, then quit/save and restart there in UVHM.


It’s also possible to Bloodsplode him according to a video I saw. Needs an explosive fastball, some luck and killer aim! :smiley:


Once you have beat it, you only have to run thousand cuts once. You can save and quit right after killing it to reappear at the levels start with the bunker already there waiting.

As for killing it fast, Zero and Salvador are your best choices. Bore can kill it in one shot, or pimp/RL can also work really fast.


I was going to say what Chuck said!

I’ll just add: if you’re going to farm in a higher mode and don’t want to fight your way back, you can drop down to TVHM or NVHM for the run up through Thousand Cuts. Save-quit once you’re in the Bunker map, then reload your character into the appropriate mode before restarting.

If you’re thinking of farming in normal mode, though, I honestly wouldn’t bother - all the drops will be locked to the map level in normal mode, so you’ll out-level them soon enough.


Corrosive Fastball should work too. And you’ll want to melee a convenient loader to get Fuel the Blood active just before tossing the Fastball at one of BNK3R’s turrets.


yeh but I’m playing Maya so I’ll just end up getting a Pimpernel with chain reaction

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Can confirm that it does work on ps4. All I use is blurred trickster maya :grin:

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But can also confirm this will crash even a PC :wink:

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I’ve always has an easy time farming BNK-3R as Maya with a Bee shield & a corrosive Raging Bitch assuming they are properly leveled. I good corrosive Plasma Caster might also work well with a Bee if the fire rate is good. I think I’ve also had good luck with a DP Harold as well.

Not familiar with that prefix, but I like it! :slight_smile:

Lol! There is a beer I occasionally drink that’s called that. Freudian slip I think…
Raging Bitch

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That sounds like a modded BL1 gun but it would be more like Fulgurating Rage Rage Twisted Shredder Ajax Ogre Serpens Bitch


Where do I get the blurred trickster mod from ? Been trying to get one to drop but no luck

A vendor is the easiest place to get any vanilla COM. Many fast travel stations have a vendor right next to them : Frostburn, Tundra, Bloodshot, Southpaw, etc. You could do a tour.

COMs don’t otherwise have a reliable drop source ( that I can think of ).

If you have the mercenary day head Hunter dlc, the loot train always has class mods in it


Okay so it’s not somethings that’s like op 8 exclusive ?

Not at all. Lvl 50+ blue mods can offer up to +6 to 1 skill. In uvhm the boss and loot train will scale with you. In nvhm it’s lvl 16~ and I’m not sure about tvhm. After you kill the warrior in tvhm, the whole mode scales to lvl 49-52 tho. Edit: tvhm gear drops can’t go over lvl 50


You can get blue COM’s as early as level 11, actually, but they’re pretty rare at that level. The good thing about COM’s is that they last for very long. A level 50 can serve you well, all the way through UVHM and even OP levels. You’ll most likely find a better one long before that, but… just saying! :wink:

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