Is there a Good way to farm Bnk3r?

I should just point out that Bloodsploding Bunker is also an option…


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You can also dashboard farm that one Scarlett sidemission that has 2 blue COM’s as rewards but I’d just go for the snowman. There’s a good chance that you’ll grab something else of interest from the train even if you don’t get what you are after right away.

Tldr; exiting then re-entering the Bunker’s area will restart the fight.

Why did no one ever mention that you do not have to save/quit for the Bunker fight? You can go back out the entrance, back to Thousand Cuts, then turn around and re-enter the Bunker’s area. The fight respawns.

Just to add my 2 cents. It’s kind of annoying to get the exact angle for b0re sometimes. I’ve found the easiest way is to use a Jakobs single barrel shotgun.

For me, because it doesn’t particularly save any time. You still have two transition periods, either through the gate twice or quit/reload. I have not timed them precisely, but they feel about equivalent in time. And the quit/reload requires a tiny bit less user interaction to do.

But either is good, up to you.

I usually go with quit/save. I’m not sure if the red chest below the BNK-R platform resets if one leaves the map and quickly returns.

Have to test that later…

The chest doesn’t respond if you enter/exit but I rarely open it bc BL2 chests in general.
I should’ve mentioned I was Fleet Maya which does make the run to and from the exit a lot faster than most characters. For others it may be just as fast to save/quit.
I just wanted to mention the enter/exit strat as another option.

Edit: spell checked

Heh, I obviously was a little too slow, but I went and tested if the chest resets and therefore can say: You are right, good sir.

I am a little more greedy and got more than one legendary item from said chest over time, so I always open it, the few seconds to jump from the platform down on the ring be damned!