Is there a gun besides Alchemist that self-damages on trigger pull?

Fl4k can have shield-steal on crits now, and a rad nova on shield fill (plus stuff like Nova Berner). On paper, this sounds super interesting with the Alchemist, because you could trigger it repeatedly by being at around 85% shield and landing crits. Unfortunately, a crit with that gun only counts when the sticky explodes, i.e. when you reload.
So are there any other guns I could use? I know of the COV Pain is Power, but unfortunately that also ignites me.


Technically, no.

In practice, you can slot a Transformer shield and shoot at your feet anything that deals AoE electric damage (Lob, rockets, grenades, …) to refill it.

I don’t think so. There is the Pestilence which explodes when you overheat it, but I think it does too much overall damage for that kind of playstyle, the explosions are too rare plus I don’t think they can normally crit.

Screaming banshee self hurt not sure if it crit

Guess it can crit randomly with megavore, but I think even an uncharged shot would do too much self-damage.

If you can keep hunter seekers in the air it should have enough criticals to keep up your shield. In case you want even more, can drop artillery grenades through a Peregine class mod and tie it in with "action skill start " shield anointment

These things are kind of off-topic. What I need is a gun that damages me a little when I pull the trigger, and can crit normally.

I am thinking of something what happens if you have an added element anoint active? Does the alchemist counts as crit without detonating?

Apologies; i had thought the topic was to have your shield crack + fill as often as possible for the nova effects; since the alchemist only does half the job i thought of ways to fill in the gap

It doesnt add another projectile or a way to crit off the normal shot