Is There a Hard Stat Cap

Sorry if this has already been mentioned but…

I’ve been wondering if you reach say 100% shield pen from either skills or gear, is it worth going beyond this? Hell is it even possible to go beyond 100% on anything.

Will you just get diminishing returns or just hit a ceiling.

Shield Penetration might not be the best example for this - I mean it is basically capped at 100% on a logical basis.
100% Shield pen = You ignore Shields.

As for the other stats, say Attack Speed, each character should have a theoretical cap based on helix and highest possible gear stats.
But I don’t know if there is a hard cap in the game for this - and it might vary on other circumstances.
For example, there actually is a cap on +Max Shield for all Eldrid chars, that basically only affects Kelvin under normal Circumstances.

(Source: Tips and tricks (Mechanics you may have missed))

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