Is there a hidden Eridian Slab?

I have yet to unlock that trophy and in all the planets it’s 100%. I triple check each zone in each planet and it’s 100%. What am I missing? I also did 4 proven grounds and each one is 100%, not that there was a slab in there anyways… . The only one that I haven’t max out is Slaughterstar 3000. Is it hidden? Glitch? Does Torgue award it or something?

Its bugged, some people have fixed it by repeatedly inspecting the slab in Tannis’ lab but some people like me just havent been able to get it to work.

I see… :frowning:

I got it! I checked out the slab from Tannis and it did nothing so I kept checking it out and it popped right out. Thanks! It was driving my crazy.

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To say the truth I don’t think this is really bugged because the Tannis slab gives 4 lore entrys that aren’t found anywhere in the open world. You can get 3 after you got the needed item from the Vault and a final one after you beat the story.

I beat the story and I had to check it 5x before the trophy popped up. Since it was the last one I needed it worked out for me. Can’t imagine anyone else going in circles after they have checked it twice only to need to do it several times again…

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@Rumor Thats right I just meant to say that the 5 more times you have to interact with the Tannis slab it actually give you 5 complete new entries, that you can then listen to from the menu, that aren’t found anywhere else.

I get that but what about the people that did it 2x? 3x? How are they to know they have to check it 5x? If it’s not a bug then it’s a bad game design.

Of course, I never implied otherwise. It’s just that many people say that their trophy/achievement is glitched, when in fact their are indeed missing some entries. But yes I completely agree that this makes no sense at all.

I’m just relief that I got it it was driving me crazy. I hope it gets fix or others will catch this or this thread.