Is there a horizontal split screen option, and if not, will it be in the full release?

My friend and I were very disappointed when learning there was no option to change the vertical split screen to horizontal, as we always play and prefer horizontal. Will there be such an option in the full release, or will it remain on vertical?


Agreed, we love your games and have been addicted to Borderlands 2 for years now.
Will an option become available for vertical split screen as with Borderlands, my Husband and I are really looking forward to Battleborn, but find the horizontal view to be awkward.

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Same comment here on our side, we do prefer the vertical split screen instead of horizontal so hope this is possible software size

I would love that. Stupid mini map takes everything away from my experience. I also hate when people leave the match. It’s an auto lose. They should be replaced with bots at least

I agree. My girlfriend and I would love to have an option to play split screen vertical or horizontal. Your game is amazing and we would love this choice.