Is there a HOST legendary shotgun?

So as title says does anyone know if there is a legendary HOST shotgun? I have found several host shotguns all with different names but ending with HOST and in every element and these things just kick major butt …on my moze i have tried prob around 100 legendary guns and the blue n purple host shotguns i have are just flat out better then alot of those and would love to have a legendary host if there is one…so a host shotgun the front part of the gun is covered in what looks like alien biomatter and it shoots out a big ball of explosive in whatever element which after impact mirvs but the damage is unreal and on top of that the dot elemental damage seems to be like 5x higher then most guns…

So TLDR has anyone found a legendary HOST gun? And if so whats the name of it and your thoughts on it and if you can remember where you got it

Legendaries are unique, White-Purple are generated.
What kind of shotgun is HOST? There might be a legendary equivalent.

Are you on Xbox cause I need a better one I got a blue but ■■■■ it’s so fire for my amara build

it lobs explosive rounds in an arc instead of firing a slug or pellets. it’s a great carry in arms race but is an epic drop, so you may not see it often. last one i found had rad damage. haven’t seen one since

If Host is the Etec Hyperion Shotgun then there is the Fearmonger (Halloween event exclusive) and Slow Hand (DLC1, Degen 3, The area’s floor I think is bugged (or hollow)). The shotguns listed use the barrel of the Etec Hyperion Shotgun.