Is there a hotfix today?

Just wondering as I haven’t seen anything …

You are early.
Every Thursday, always at the same hour. Noelle will post the hotfix notes when my post is 5h old.


I know that Noelle posts later if there is any, I was asking because I haven’t seen any mention of anything from gbx or on the internet!

As far as I can remember they never announce if there is a hotfix or not, they have been just dropping the notes each week since the game came out. Just assume that there is something coming out today.

They usually post it wait 4 hours from now.

Nice easy to measure no matter where you are in the world

They usually don’t announce hotfixes long-term but just kind of put the patchnotes out there when they are ready.
I think it’s pretty much a given that there’s gonna be a hotfix today since we’ve had new content drop with the DLC last week, meaning there’s gonna be bugs to fix and guns to balance (like the Satisfaction which for some reason hardly does any damage even though the damage listed on the item card is pretty good).
Hotfixes are also released pretty much every week, and I think there’s even been anouncements to notify players when there wouldn’t be a hotfix that week due to holydays or other reasons.

Guess I’ll just have to wait and see then! Thanks