Is there a Laser Sniper in TPS?

Im building a complete Laser build for my Wilhem. So far ive been gathering beams and splitters and I have my eyes set on the beam weapon from the end of the claptrap DLC. I was wondering though, is there a Laser Sniper weapon in the game that will benefit from my 3DDE.1 and Bulwark? If so, where can i farm it?

Sounds like you want a railgun. They are basically laser snipers and get Wilhelm laser boosts. You can find them all over the place.

A Hyperion one with a good scope would be the closest to a laser sniper in the game I think.

I know what rails are. Not what I’m looking for. I was wondering if there was a sniper that basically behaved like the cyber eagle pistol.

Nope. Plus any sniper wouldn’t get any bonuses from EDDIE or Bulwark anyways. The Cyber Eagle doesn’t either. Pretty sure the game just considers it a pistol.

Your best options are the Longest Yard and the Mining Laser. The former requires the Claptrap DLC and time spent farming, but is easier to use.

If you are going to use non-laser weapons that fire laser blasts, then I guess you are going to include the Taser, Kaneda’s Laser, and Ol’ Painful, along with the Cyber Eagle.
Bear in mind that these are not treated as lasers in the game, and thus do not benefit from laser bonuses, like the Eddie, Bulwark, or the one skill that Wilhelm has for lasers.

well if they dont benefit from the bulwark and the eddie then i guess they are off the “to get list”.

thanks for the info guys. i really dont mind sticking to beams, splitters and blasters. i was just wondering if there was a sniper simular to the cyber eagle that DID benefit from other modules. Thanks again fellas.