Is there a list of skills that don't work with Iron Cub?

Been hunting and all I really know for sure is that Grizzled breaks Iron Cub’s cooldown. Are there other IB skills in the other trees that don’t apply to Iron Cub, or adversely affect it? Trying to put together a bullet storm mother bear build and trying to max my damage with the little Cub.

[Guide/Build] Kodiak - The Comprehensive Iron Bear Guide

Iron Cub and the original three skill trees

  • Cloud of Lead - Yes.
  • Stoke the Embers - No.
  • Rushin’ Offensive - No.
  • Scorching RPM’s - Yes
  • Specialist Bear - Yes.
  • Fire in the Skag Den - Yes.
  • Deadlines - Yes.
  • Stainless Steel Bear - Yes
  • Drowning in Brass - Yes.
  • Full Can of Whoop-Ass - Yes
  • Experimental Munitions - Yes.
  • Desperate Measures - No.
  • Phalanx Doctrine - Yes (only if stacks are gained while Cub is active.) Only left arm.

Iron Bear and the Bear Mother skill tree

  • Biofuel - Yes.
  • Big Surplus - Does not affect anything other than Moze including Auto Bear.
  • Really Big Guns - Yes.
  • Double Time - Yes.
  • Fired Up - Not while piloting, Auto Bear can stack it.
  • Nitrotrinadium Engines - Yes.
  • Never Going To Give You Up - Yes.
  • Feature Creep - Yes.
  • Limit Break - Works with Auto Bear.
  • Superior Firepower - Only seems to affect Moze, regardless of Iron Bear or Iron Cub.
  • Running on Fumes - Only works for passive fuel consumption (Iron Bear and Iron Cub

Thank you thank you thank you! :purple_heart:

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I cant take the credit, @Aaron0000, tested all that stuff., afaik.

Question on Stainless Steel Bear, does cub get the armor?

I would like to know that too but i dont think it does but i dont have a reliable way to test that.
It doesnt seem necessary on higher mayhem levels anyways.

True. You can get almost immediate cooldown, so there’s no worry about how long it can last.

Does anyone know if this still counts as Type B damage as far as Cub is concerned? Or does Cub’s damage formula even have any notion of Type A, Type B, etc?

Adding to the list, I remember Joltz saying before the DLC was released that splash damage does buff Cub’s DPS, so Torgue Cross-Promotion should also work. However I’ve not noticed whether or not Vampyr works for Cub.

I know DiB is type A for Moze. I’d assume it’d be the same for the cub if it is getting any of that bonus.

What is now? I have read the BORDERLANDS 3 HOTFIXES: NOVEMBER 19, 2020 have fixed iron Cub?

Yes indeed! Iron Cub now has Mayhem scaling. The cute little thing wrecks face now.

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Stainless Steel Bear and Scorching RPM’s also properly work with Cub after yesterday’s hotfix.


Oh snap. This is wonderful news!

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Cub and Auto Bear have a very similar formula. Cub however does get DiB, which AB doesn’t. DiB fits as type B like it does for Iron Bear. Cub also gets Really big guns and feature creep which add together in their own new category, though again auto bear doesn’t get this multiplier.
The base damage penalty to Cub is 70%.

Oh and lastly Cub doesn’t have any damage mults counting twice like Iron Bear does. Though the bugged state of SSB is an exact mirror of what Iron Bear had a couple months ago which eventually led to the doubled damage multipliers.


Both work with IC but i think Vampyr is bugged just like IB+vampyr is.

@Prismatic what about the Flare CM bonus, does it has its own spot in the IC’ formula?

Yes it does.

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Anyone else having issues with AB while Iron Cub is using it with certain weapons? For example, Cub will just stand idle and not shoot for the duration of AC when equipped with Miniguns.

Also, would wish they would make Cub immune to self damage with its exploding. bullets. For the minigun upgrade. He shreds with this…including himself lol. Just see him die in like 2 shots even with a bunch of armor. Makes this augment absolutely worthless when instead, could be quite good.

That’s just how Moze works. Can’t have any fun without the risk of one shotting yourself. IB and IC included.

Auto Bear and Iron Cub??

IC stays deployed for the 15 seconds but I am not sure it’s shooting anything…

I think it depends on the hardpoints. It never seems to use the miniguns, but it will shoot the active tracking rockets. It is a bit of a point waste though because it doesn’t really help much with IC’s own cooldown, or blows itself up and doesn’t activate.

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