Is there a list of still active Shift Codes for Xbox?

I’m already a level 70 but having a difficult time defeating The Sentinel The Invincible for Tina. I keep farming but no legendaries drop anywhere. Just purples and blues that are lower than my level.

It looks like some of the are still avtive
If you need legendary you can farm Drongo Bones, his is pretty easy to farm. And of course Iwajira for some purples.


Yeah I keep farming Iwajira and got 1 legendary from him when I was a level 55 or 56 and that’s it. I’ll try farming Drongo Bones though. Thanks!

Drop rate from Iwajira was nerfed, for legendaries it’s better to farm any other source like Drongo or Nel.
From Iwajira you can get Hail, it’s pretty good blue assault rifle.