Is there a list of worthwhile max level quest rewards?

Simply put, is there a list of quest rewards that are worth seeking out/keeping at max level?

Even if an item is blue or purple, it MIGHT have real value to certain builds. Apart from those, I always do the quest to get:

The Transformer

(Apologies if this has already been a thread. I searched, but only found threads on BL2).

The Porcelain Pipe bomb, even after they nerfed it it’s still a beast.


With moze and some for the road, the leech has some good synergy (i cant afford those points so ive gotta hunt for the annointment); mendels multivitamin…im sure theres many more i just havn’t thought of their usefulness yet

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tried the Leech for the first time yesterday starting my 5th VH, and I love the fire taser it has, I bet lvl 50 edition is great.

only gonna list items I’ve actually used myself

-Pa’s rifle from The Homestead Pt 3.
-Amazing Grace from Life of the Party
-Black Flame from Witch’s Brew (need to play the system to get it, put in on your wall and then bank it).
-Buttplug is good for melee dmg from Dump on Dumptruck (shoot him in the A** bonus objective)
-Cloudkill from Beneath the Meridian (talk to Ava bonus objective)
-Fingerbiter isn’t bad, get it from On the Blood Path (by siding with Crazy dude that want’s Holder murdered)
-Hangin’ Chadd from Swamp Bro (it’s basically an Infinity COV edition)
-Just Kaus (from Moxxi’s Heist, you only get one and it’s not a “mission reward” it is literally handed to you much like the null pointer when trading Zer0 the sword upgrade Timothy hands you the Just Kaus, just cuz)
-Null pointer from Hostile Takeover (is given by Zer0 for a sword upgrade, and there’s a guaranteed drop in a chest as well)
-LOV3M4CH1N3- from Baby Dancer
-Melt Facer (Moxxi’s Heist, always corrosive and has freeze effect on enemies, I haven’t tested this one too much)
-Robo-Melter Masher (Moxxi’s Heist, Story “The Plan” reward)
-Rogue-sight from Going Rogue (hang up on wall in crew quarters and bank it to keep it after mission completion, same as Black Flame)
-The Hunt(er) from Wildlife Conservation
-Traitor’s Death from Going Rogue

-Transformer from It’s Alive!
-Red Suit from Angels and Speed Demons or dropped from Atomic

-Porcelain Pipe Bomb from Raiders of the Lost Rock


Thankyou; i was wondering how to keep quest items :slightly_smiling_face:

yeah Black Flame and Rogue-sight are nice guns, it’s nice that you can kinda mess around and keep them after the fact.

I also have The Big Succ and Kevin’s Chilly in my bank, just so I have a copy of each.

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