Is there a map for The Holodome?

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I might be missing it somehow, but you don’t appear to have a map for The Holodome. Am I missing something?

Thanks for all these maps. They are GREAT!!!

Darth Sailor

Thanks :relaxed:. Actually Holodome map is there, under Holodome Onslaught banner (map number 26).

Ahh… Now I see it. I can see how I missed it though. I’ve downloaded all your maps and they have been a great help. Thanks again!! Your work is really appreciated :grin:

I’ve mapped out the variables in Gibbed, so that you can place yourself anywhere you want in the game. It’s not completed yet. I finished Chapter 4 in Claptastic Voyage on the main missions and all the optional missions so far. The main game is complete as it is. I’m still working on it, but the text file is yours if you want it.

Thanks again!

Darth Sailor