Is there a massive influx of new players at the moment?

Over the last maybe week and half I felt like matchmaking was on the up. I’m CR65 at the moment, with 60 hours in this game. I’m not the least or most experienced by far, but I was happily getting matched with, at the very least, CR50 and higher on both teams (before you say CR doesn’t matter, it’s still a reflection of experience in gameplay mechanics and understanding of objectives). In the last 24 hours every match I’ve been put with CR20’s and lower. 4 out of 5 on the enemy team I just played against were CR1. It was probably their first pvp match. Is there just a massive influx of new players at the moment? Or has ELO matchmaking just kicked in and apparently I suck on a n00bish level??

Also, even trying to find players/games at the moment is hellishly slow. 10x worse than usual for me.

Only had this in one of my games, but was matched with a Lv3, Lv7, Lv9 and Lv11. I’m Lv100. The other team was all 60+, but that was a first in general

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They made a change before the weekend that broke matchmaking again. It was better last week before the change.

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“Awwwwwwwwesome”, he said, mustering every possible ounce of sarcasm to his voice. This helped convey the fact that he was both unimpressed and left feeling rather deflated about the situation.

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Dunno how much of an effect it had, but they did just lower the price a bit.

Not really. It’s pretty consistently dropped off since launch. There was a slight bump a couple days back.

Here’s steam Don’t see why the trend would be any different for consoles.

It’s always very different for consoles.

Here in the UK, Battleborn retail sales rose in the last week.

In the all format chart it rose from 27th to 20th

In the PC chart it remained the same at 20th

In the PS4 chart it rose from 20th to 17th

In the Xbox One chart it rose from 17th to 15th

Not huge rises by any means but not bad considering the launch of another hero shooter game. Also shows that console sales are different from PC sales.