Is there a max number of buffs a player can have?

I’m playing Amara with a very strong action skill oriented build and it utilises a lot of skills that grant buffs. It seems that when the buff area fills up under the XP bar, when one of those buffs expires it doesn’t fill their spot with an active buff that didn’t fit on the bar. This is making me think that there may be a limit to how many buffs you can have at once, in which case I will need to change my build to stop wasting points.

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i hope this is not true. is there a way you can provide pictures for this happening?

I’m far too tired for that atm lol. I believe you can have 8-10 buffs displayed under the XP bar and I should have had about 10-12 active simultaneously. When one is going to expire, activate another buff that can’t appear on screen right now but should in a second or two (i.e. it won’t expire by the time a buff that is already there disappears from the bar). It seems that when the old buff expires, the new one does not appear. I was getting enough buffs for this by getting the rush abilities in Amara’s blue tree, then taking Samsara, Mindfulness in the green tree and I had two points in the regen skill at the top of the green tree from a class mod, if anyone wants to recreate it. It won’t be the end of the world but I would have to remove a couple things from my build to make sure i get the vital buffs active.

Hey did you ever confirm this one way or the other? I am just running into this now with my Amara with a similar build to yours prob. I have so many buffs active and was trying to gauge how much health Regen my Samsara gives… but noticed that sometimes it would not show up at all! And like u said, when others expire to make room for it… it does not appear!! This is a big ass deal we need to know this! Lol

From what I can tell… the buffs not listed are basically not active… so we are indeed limited to however many can fit in UI HUD… couldn’t find any other posts on this