Is there a ops mission with better loot than the others?

Hi, I’ve just returned to the game after 6 months travelling and have started the ops missions.

Is there one that stands out for the quality of skins / loot and the chance of extra loot or are they all similar?

I have the season pass but my friend has nothing, i want him to buy one ops so we can farm together but not sure which one he should buy if any. Tbh the normal missions seem better for loot farming anyway.

Any advice? He’s a new player in desperate need of all types of loot

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I don’t know that there’s any particular one that features better loot than any of the others - they each just have different possible legendaries. People might have preferences as to which of those are best overall though.

In terms of skins, I personally find the Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion skins to be the most appealing, followed by the Toby’s Friendship Raid ones.

There are some bug issues/enemy issues with Montana and the Demon Bear and Phoebe and the Heart of Ekkunar to look out for.

There are threads that detail (i.e., with pictures) the various skins and legendaries you can earn in each op that have been put together if you want to give them a look.

if you want an ops that is very easy to get 100 ops points every match while not taking too long to farm, I’d say it’s oscar mike’s ops. super easy to get all 100 so you can get loot packs and is by far the quickest to complete.

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I’m assuming you mean the boss drop(s) when you say loot. In which case, Thrall Rebellion, Battle School, Demon Bear & Heart of Ekkunar have amazing legendary gear. Can’t really decide which is the best, but I think Thrall Rebellion’s legendary is the most useful across the board.

As far as skins and taunts go, my personal favorite would be Thrall Rebellion. Heart of Ekkunar is a close 2nd.

I know you didn’t ask about which is more enjoyable to play, but Toby’s Friendship Raid feels like the most well-rounded operation. No bugs (that I’ve encountered), hilarious dialogue, and fun gameplay.

Yea I’ll have a look and find the threads in question.

I’m loving the Toby skins and am happy to have a beautiful thorn skin from
it finally :slight_smile:

Maybe I’ll tell him to get tobys. Thanks again man :slight_smile:

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  1. As stated the Aria gear from Attikus is the one most useful piece of OPs gear.
  2. The Mike dlc is the quickest but it also has the most frustrating “What the frak!” whacked challenges.
  3. The 85 OPs skins from the Phoebe dlc are the cleanest skins, IMHO. (Crisp shades of blue)
  4. The Montana dlc is the most challenging, full of thrall crowds, shoot-em-ups, but it can be unreal hard.

Thanks for the advice, can i assume that Montana’s is good for XP as well then? And hard is fun they feel a bit too easy in general, thrall rebellion is a real chore now, i just speed run it with 95ish ops points which are the easy ones, the other 5 can be a bit frustrating to keep finding.

I’ll finish Toby’s then start Phoebe’s then, skins is what i want for certain heroes, so I’ll get him to buy Montana’s or Phoebe’s, Oscar mikes voice can get tedious i might just skip it completely haha

He’s level 30 so if Montana’s is good xp this would be great for some fast levelling

None of them are good for xp, I get double the xp in a Bots match than any of the dlc OPs.
Not sure what logic Gbox put into that.


@Biza_LOL, which p-form u on?

Ps4, same name

Gotcha :dukeaffirmative:

Nope. Just a bunch of recolor skins.