Is there a place (topic, forum, whatever) to trade weapons?


I was wondering if there’s a place to find people to trade stuff.
I’ve been killing enemies for the last 7 hours to find a combat rifle, but I have only found one that’s 5% better then my previous and I’ve found 10 smg’s and 10 revolvers that do almost double the DPS that rifle gives me.

So I’m like F this, can’t I just trade? I got some legendary equalizers and at least 1 other ammo-regen weapon that I’m sure some people would like. I’d be happy to trade pretty much my entire backpack for 1 kick ass combat rifle. Or a good corrosive SMG would be good too. As long as it’s got 88% accuracy or higher.

So are there places already where I can go to try and find lvl69 people who want to trade? There are no high level players in open lobbies.

There sure are trading and online play sections here. Take your pick!

360 :

PS3 :

PC :

Thanks, forum search wasn’t being very helpful :smile: