Is there a problem with the 3 purple moonstone grinding

I was able to do a 3 purple moonstone grind after the last patch, but now the only way I can moonstone grind 3 purples is to go offline. This tells me that the latest hotfix has disabled the ability to moonstone grind 3 purples. Is my game screwed up and if so how do I fix it? Thanks

I don’t know anything about some problem or some hotfix.
Last hotfix was live 28th January, 1 day after main update. Nothing changed since then, unless gearbox is silently patching something.

I downloaded the compatibility patch and there was a problem with it, then it started working after a day or so. I expected that they were able to fix the problem, but then I couldn’t moonstone grind 3 purples, after being able to. So I could only conclude that the hotfix disabled the 3-purple-moonstone grind either on purpose or accidently. If I disconnect my internet and not get the hotfix, I’m able to moonstone grind 3 purples.

See the threads here amongst others. There’s something odd about the hotfix that’s supposed to prevent the game freezing when you try and grind three purples. Sometimes you can do a regular grind but no moonstone option appears; sometimes the regular grind button appears but does nothing when pressed; and then last night I had that happen but the moonstone grind option was enabled and I ground 3 purple lasers into an RK-1 :smile:

It’s still unclear to me, but I think the hotfix disables the “Grind” (Y on XBox) button if the combination of purple items is one that will generate a crash. If you don’t have the hotfix, and are on XBox, you risk your gsme freezing if you try the purple grind.