Is There a Rad Recurring Hex Anointed?

Specifically the Action Skill perk?

EDIT: The anointed regenerate 1 grenade perk on it seems to not be in the game.

Yes, every item that is green rarity and up can be anoited.
So green, blue, purple and orange can be anointed

Whites can be anointed too, for some reason. I saw a few while I was determined to see if Shiv dropped anything of worth at all even at level 50 (the answer is no!)

It’s in game, but it’s rare I have only one so far (cryo)

Didn’t know that white can be anointed, didn’t saw any, at level 50 i don’t look whites :slight_smile:

I have cryo and shock anointed with 1 grenade perk

Still cant find rad with anointed.

I had this drop today actually, first time i’ve seen one. I wonder if relics and class mods can have an annointment aswell?

I have only cryo one, but if there is cryo and shock anointed, rad one must be in game.
Legendary anointed gear is very rare at least in my game.

I don’t think that class mods and relics can be anointed, just weapons, shields and grenade

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Well I wasn’t checking individual items out, just noticed the extra-sparkly loot beam that anointed items have but on a white drop, aha