Is there a reason a team should start with 4/5 players?

Putting aside all the “______ should be nerfed” and “doing X_Y is cheap,” is there a reason a pvp matches should be started when at least 1 player is disconnected during character select? It seams to defeat the point of trying to play a fair match when a team has no choice but to trudge on when at least 1 player wasn’t even there from the start?

Isn’t there some way we could ensure at least each team starts on a fair playing field instead of having to wait x minutes to surrender and start a new game?

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Agreed. Although I enjoy a tough 4v5 and know it can be won, it’s not ideal. An equally skilled group or a pre-made will shred your team when you’re a man down more often than not. Your choices are to either all d/c then re-group (If you’re in a party), d/c and hope the others do so you can search a new game instead of being thrown back into the the same game (If solo), or wait five minutes for the option to surrender. Neither of these options are ideal at all.

Personally, I fight rather than d/c because that’s what the surrender option is for, but that’s not good enough.

I also think there should be a penalty for leaving a game, though what I don’t know, and leavers should be replaced with an advanced version of the bot AI. For that matter, give us better bots in private matches! Hard to test new characters or builds when their AI is so bad. At least give us a normal and advanced option, like in PvE.

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This used to grind my gears hard, still does specially if they drop at the select screen. But I’ve had plenty of four man wins so now I just roll with it and hope my team’s the “oh you quit. Fine let’s murder this game” types not the “surrender is our only hope” type.

That said disconnects can happen due to network and server stuff and the player may not have actually wanted out. I’d say start the match. With any luck the missing player fixes it and returns to game.