Is there a reason a tediore chucking axton build was never added to his official builds list?

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Sorry to be picky but I have been searching (In words/text not a video) an official build for Axton that involves his tediore reload chucking for raid bosses and messing around. I saw no such guide, was it never viable enough to be added to the list or is that list just for general builds and not hyper specific ones? (even though they cover allegiance builds)

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there is no official build for axton. it was not included in the Build collection since no one submitted a build. I think demonite have some tediore axton builds.

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axton builds dont really compare, thats why

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Compare to what? The master build list is just any build someone posted and submitted to it


Take a grenade/explosive build (there are a couple on the forum) and add a Veteran COM. Basically.

As @nat_zero_six mentioned, Demonite has a multipurpose (grenades, guns with splash and Tediore chucks) grenade build :

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There were a number of builds on the old forums that were never ported by their creators before the old forums were permanently retired. There might be something on the archived version at (the Wayback Machine)?

I do know that there were chucking builds discussed (and have been since).

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What he said. I’ll add any build that’s submitted that follows the guidelines laid out in the first post.

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I think the closest you’ll come to an “official” build is the cookie cutter. I mean, we’ve all run it at one time or another, right?

All the crazy fast raid kills use a Hoplite to drop health to 1 for max Pressure and then put on a Veteran com to put out chains of reloads, don’t they? If by messing around you mean mobbing I don’t think you need to do too much. Get some nice chuckers, spec for reload speed, and watch your enemies evaporate. It works for me and I’m pretty mediocre. :grin:

:cry: But, fun? Seriously though…

It’s all relative. Axton may not be about to steamroll raids, but that’s why there’s Sal. :wink:

That’ll work. :wink:

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Maybe not all of them, but definetly some of them. As seen in this clip from @DemoniteBL.

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I can never tell if you’re trolling me or not @Ronnie_Rayburn, so I’ll explain myself just in case. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I never said that he couldn’t, my point in referring to Sal was that it’s easier to get there with Sal (this is usually where the text I quoted (not from Pie. The one prior) originates). As in it’s easier to enable an overpowered mechanic for Sal than it is for Axton. I know it can be done because @nat_zero_six has done them all with all toons multiple ways, and I know it can be done in short amounts of time thanks to time trials. I’m saying that given my devotion to mediocrity I couldn’t do it without Sal’s Pimperdurp cocktail. In short, it takes less time and effort to get the keys to the steamroller from Sal than from Axton.

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Trolling!?!?!? Me??? Neeever! :innocent::innocent::innocent:

Since many of those mechanics come from activating a kill skill, I’m starting to wonder if you’re saying that Axton’s trigger finger is slower than Sal’s. Does he have some sort of arthritis, or something, that makes his finger a bit slower?

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I don’t know, Sal gets a bonus for holding the trigger down so maybe he has weights in his fingers to that end, and therefore the the slower trigger finger. :thinking:

I wasnt thinking about NKLO (I’ve never used it :acmembarrass:), but Moneyshot and offhand shenanigans. You have enough points to deputy before level 50 I think, and that enables so much shenaniganning. So I was thinking that the player has the ability to get those ridonculous damage numbers with much less time and effort invested.

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Sal probably has better crush strength from the muscle-building needed to dual-wield launchers without having both arms ripped off by the recoil (or have them simply fly out of your grip). Commandos have more finesse. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here’s mine… not sure why it keeps getting rejected. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Type: Survival Horror
Name and link: What is wrong with Adabiviak
Level of build: 72
Specific Gear needed: Infinity, Landscaper, Hybridification (slag), Commerce
Difficulty level: Retirement

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And I’m supposed to be the troll here??? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Seriously, though… I too think that it’s way more convenient to whip out my Sal whenever I get the urge to farm for specific gear. He’s just a walking powerhouse, that has so many options on how to kill raids. The other VH’s can do some incredible stuff, but it takes some “setting up” before they’re good to go, and if they screw up, all bets are off.

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I thought it was just a list of builds that OP would add to it but he eventually became inactive and stopped doing it. (that was my guess anyway)

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Ah okay so its pretty similar to his explosive build. I can live with that Don’t get me wrong im gonna do most of my raid farming on Salvador when i get him up to 72 again but im so OCD about stuff when it comes to my gaming I like to have it all in one neat place.

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Nope. Just as time goes on fewer people are posting things. And a lot of folks assumed we would never have to worry about the old forums disappearing after these boards became the current forums and the old ones were locked. But the servers got turned off after a while.

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It really is amazing with all the stuff that has been lost on the old forums how great of a job you guys have done restoring what you can. I have just been a casual observer before I even had an account and it is really a lot of hard work you guys and the community have done building it back up. I am sure Gearbox appreciates it too since it inadvertently makes people play Borderlands series longer and even buy the game for newcomers.


I wasn’t around for forum v.1 but was here before it got decommissioned. Not very many people heeded the warnings that all their work was about to go up in smoke ; but luckily many of the OPs made it into the Wayback Machine.

We had a good surge of activity getting the most critical threads ported, especially for Sal who’s got the most obscure and bizarre mechanics. Someone had found a post from years ago where someone had posted a screenshot from the old forum of Krieg’s melee damage formula. I leapt at that to get it ported over. There was some great melee Zer0 stuff that was relief to get over too.

That said, it seems to me there never really were a lot of builds in the old forums. I think it doesn’t occur to many people that the build they’ve come up with is worth posting (which is sometimes true :wink:) ; and if they do, they don’t request to have it added to the master build list.

Case in point: my last build I posted (partly as a gag) but totally forgot to ping Gulf. I better get on that.