Is there a reason a tediore chucking axton build was never added to his official builds list?

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That is fair and they probably they weren’t making any type of build that was groundbreaking but it is always nice to see how creative some people can get with things as well.

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With the level cap at 72, many of the builds tend to look very similar in terms of skill trees. The choice of gear and strategy is what makes them stand out. If you come up with a Tediore chucking build @WeskerMaster, then you should post it. I’m sure it will be appreciated.

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This. Much of the time, what I see is tweaks to builds for a particular COM or to try and squeeze out a bit more performance for running OP8. When the cap was 50, builds were considerably more varied.

That said, there’s always someone who will surprise you - the game mechanics and interactions between gear and skill are so complicated that there’s always the potential for some build that no-one had seriously considered to be actually viable.

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For sure I am a big Axton fan in general since he is generally looked upon as a weaker choice overall. I will admit I factor in things like the Evie glitch in solo play to make him even more viable for mobbing at times but its not always necessary. Just better for those Arena missions like Slaughter Dome and stuff.

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that is a one big lie. Axton does not suck!

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Why not make a Deputy Chuck build? Not to be confused with the actual @DeputyChuck, who is a real person :wink:. Go with Blockhead and Omen as main guns!

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Never said he sucked at all. But he is definitely one of the weaker choices for raids. That is just a simple fact. I love using him for raids anyway since its more of a challenge but other characters can kill certain raid bosses much easier than axton.

And pretty much every character can kill Pyro Pete with ease so that never counts.

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I like this idea, if only for the homage name. :smile: I prefer chucking pistols and smgs myself for the deeper ammo pools, but I’m sure it could be done. The Blockhead is nice as a gun, and I have a soft spot for a nice corrosive Octo, but the damage from a full-less-1 shotgun reload feels a smidge underwhelming in my opinion. Tediore reloads, especially etech smgs, are fantastic FFYL tools. I think they’re generally overkill for mobbing, but that doesn’t stop me from using them that way. It’s a wondrous business plan. Fire 1 bullet, throw away an almost full clip, profit.

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Plus it’s a good excuse to use the Deliverance to chase down various enemies.

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I always do this. I have a corrosive Deliverance in the 60s that I pass around and does great work in cockroachbot (cough cough, surveyors, cough cough) infested areas. I wish it was a lower stress farm so I could update it regularly.

@WeskerMaster If you’re curious this post has a pic of my build at 69. I followed the proposed plan and sank the last 3 points into Able. This is a mobbing/general gameplay build. Leg Soldier, Big Boom Blaster/Bee/Deadly Bloom, Fastballs mostly with Magic Missiles for regen when I’m running a little low. I’m playing at 72 with this, don’t know how far it’ll get into the peak on its own or how it would fare in a raid scenario, but I certainly enjoy rolling it on map purges and missions.

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Too bad it wouldn’t be any good. Chucking damage on shotguns are based on a single pellet…

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Yeah, but it would have been really cool if it did.

Didn’t know that, but it explains a lot. :+1:t3:


I run a Tediore chucker build. Lots of fun on mobs.

My ver sion looks a lot like a standard vanilla Axton build except you’re only interested in turret skills for aggro relief, to boost damage, and to get down the tree.

For class mods I roll with a blue Neutral Good Ranger or True Neutral Ranger with 6/5 Impact/Grit (your choice which way to go there); or a blue Expert Veteran with 6/5 Steady and Impact. Legendary Soldier is still a good choice. Grenadier is OK too, anecdotally not as good, though I haven’t actually crunched damage numbers or done time trails.

If you are also using Tediore shields, a Legendary Ranger with a purple inflammable, grounded, or caustic Tediore shield will make it very easy for you to keep your shields up when mobbing.

A purple Tediore relic boosting mag size and damage is tops, but you chew through a lot of ammo, so you may also want a stockpile relic for some combo of pistol/shotgun/SMG/grenades, or a Blood relic, for some situations where you can’t buy ammo easily.

For weapons I go with Gunerang or blue, purple or quartz Quickshot; a Babymaker and/or Avenger; Omen or Blockhead, or Shotgun Supreme (Tediore SG with Togue barrel), or any decent blue/purple Tediore shotgun with a large mag size; and your choice of launcher. The Gentle prefix will add more pellets to the shotgun. I’m not a huge fan of the Deliverance but see what works for you.

If you are doing full-on Tediore and use Fastballs, you’ll probably want to stop at Grit and get Do Or Die instead of Gemini. You could sacrifice Double Up but I prefer slag turrets to two turrets at higher levels, though you would probably respec for raiding.

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…seems like any shield besides a Tediore one would be better here? He doesn’t get any benefit from those hits that blast through the entire shield and chew into his health, where a shield with a good amount of depth to it would give Quick Charge something to sink its teeth into (and the return from the shield stat buffs will be more noticeable on a non-Tediore thing), no?

I’m under the impression that shotguns aren’t the best choice for reload toss kills if you’re going for maximizing damage output. Not that those guns don’t do well when fired normally, but for chucking, maybe not?


Fair enough re Tediore shields – that comment was aimed at someone doing an allegiance run. If you’re not going down that road I’d suggest a Big Boom Blaster for Fastball/launcher ammo recovery, or an Antagonist for pure tankiness and extra slagging chances, since a slag Fastball can’t drop.

Shotgun is indeed the weakest choice for pure chucking but if you want to use your ammo pool well, and you aren’t going to be using ARs or snipers much, putting an Omen or Blockhead in one slot will stretch your Babymaker ammo. I use it less for chucking than for pure damage. You could conceivably have 2 slots with Babymakers in different elements, but I find doing that leaves me with no ammo for weapons in two of my slots pretty quick. You could also use one slot for something like a slag Pimpernel.