Is there a reason everyone quits?

As stated above, I want to know why people keep leaving before the match even starts. It’s starte ing to piss me off that I have to 3 v 5 and we get wrecked every time! Please tell why and if anyone else is ticked by this.

A lot of folks in the ‘lets talk about matchmaking’ thread said/say they quit when it’s a game mode they don’t like. Besides dcing, and trolling, i have heard no one else give resons why they quit between voting and match start.

They quit because you USED to be able to search for a match in a particular gametype, and most people only ever played the game for one gametype. Now that you have to vote for which gametype to play people simply quit when they don’t get the one they want.

are you and the people you are playing with typically voting for capture maps when over anything else offered? that is a quick way to get people to leave. pro tip: dont vote capture in casual or competitive or people are a lot more likely to leave

They quit because there is very little downside to quitting other than waiting out the match.

Having a Quitter flag or forcing a leaver title would be fantastic. That way you can ditch the queue leaving them to have no fun for all time and then they will be forced to eat their own intestines to survive and their mother won’t let them breastfeed for fear of cannibalism…

Maybe even a skin with a yellow stripe down your back for the duration.

Also, a fat suit.


It happens no matter what gets voted for except Incursion. It just seems like the people who play Incursion are the most immature players. I see more ragequits and early surrender attempts than in any other playlist, but it seems like anybody is willing to try it at least.

Also, can people please stop voting for Incursion on Overgrowth when it’s the damm spotlight battle? If you want to play it you already can. Everybody else is trying to get away from it.


There is no escape.
You will play the vicious cycle of Incursion Overgrowth. FOREVER

But in all seriousness… yeah… I like Incursion Overgrowth too… but even I’m gettin’ tired of EVERYONE playin’ Incursion Overgrowth.
It’s got nothin’ to do with the patch either. Meltdown and capture were ghost towns before they changed the PVP matchmaking queues.
Does everybody really just wanna play the same map over and over and over again?

The answer is yes. Yes everyone does. Because if they didn’t, they wouldn’t keep selectin’ it.
Incursion Overgrowth is the Battleborn 2 Fort.

Speakin’ of which…

I think we need a crossover where Benedict and Soldier duel.
With rockets.
To Boléro.
Or Last Agni Kai. Last Agni Kai would be in slow motion. FOR DRAMA!!!


i was going against another team of 5 and they kept leaving even tho they got the map they want, never fought them. They left 3 times guess they were looking for randoms to stomp. :mask:

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You are so right. I hope the coming Report function will help!

I actually wouldn’t mind a 2-fort reproduction incursion. Hell maybe even a capture the flag map.

Not sure how capture the flag would work in the game, maybe uploading nova to an MX or activating Geoff and escorting it out.

idk if that is the best adjective to use. what if you are an incursion player and you want to queue casual? i really do sympathize with the minority that wants to play capture, but they have to understand that they are the minority in a system that chooses based on the majority. and my experience with surrenders and rage quits in incursion is much, much different than yours. in my experience, since the score can often say 100-100 well after the game is really lopsided, people are much less likely to quit for quite some time in incursion. in meltdown, for instance, the current score is so much more of an accurate depiction of how close the game is.

That’s a bit harsh.

It’s not the players fault they only enjoy certain modes and the game won’t let them choose. Any more punishment will push more players away from BB.

People want to play certain modes because they enjoy those. They only have time to play one or two games so they’re gonna quit until they can find an enjoyable mode.

I don’t blame people for leaving. I don’t leave but I don’t harp on those that do unless it’s mid match leaving.


It seems like the best one to use. When Incursion wins a close vote I see most people play it (nevermind the fact that since it’s the spotlight battle people could just stop ruining everyone elses time and go there), but whenever anything else wins a vote people quit almost every time. It’s especially upsetting seeing as how other gametypes rarely win against Overgrowth, and Overgrowth seems to come up almost 100% of the time.

And even in my short run playing Overgrowth I’ve seen some of the most ridiculous attempts at rage surrendering since I picked up the game. My teammates tried to quit the other day after a long back and forth battle because our sentry took two point of damage. What is the point in even playing the game if all you care about is winning? Just flip a coin and if it doesn’t land on edge you win. You win 100% of the time without having to ruin anything for anybody else.

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But will it really help?

It’s only gonna cause more issues of people reporting others leaving the game because they don’t want to play a certain mode. And then those reported will report the others right back for ruining their game experience by choosing a mode they didn’t like.

People are going to have an emergency and get reported because they afked.

People are going to play bad because they’re inexperienced or trying a new character and someone will report them for ruining their gaming experience.

When they announced the reporting system and Joe mentioned “ruining the overall gaming experience” it opened up a whole new world of reasons people can report other players.

I think people should only be allowed to be reported for vulgarity/bashing/rudeness, cheating (PC), or those people that waste lives in PvE by jumping off the level.

Quitting after a match has begun is usually due to rage quits but there should be something in place for these types of players, not necessarily a reporting system. Not a punishment so harsh that it will deter them from playing, especially those with legitimate reasons for leaving, but something… idk.

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Couldn’t agree more.

I can’t count how many times my team (randoms) have tried to surrender under similar circumstances and then we came back to win or almost win. 99% of the almost wins are because someone leaves after their surrender vote fails.

again, spotlight is matchmade, so it is just a predetermined competitive queue. some people are waiting for ranked to play competitively, or play only in private matches or tournaments where the rules reflect competitive play. i want to play incursion competitively, but the competitive queue is not competitive, so i want to play incursion casually instead. i very seldom leave a game at mode selection, for the record, but i do understand people leaving or surrendering if they get stuck in something like capture.

This is very opinionated I could say the same for overgrowth as I get tired of playing this over and over again (free pun there :+1:) nor do I like it very much but ill still play it and NOT leave/surrender when the opportunity arises.
I usually only surrender when I’m getting spawn camped or getting crushed hard in a 4v5 (because you can win some 4v5s)

I leave quite often and not just because I don’t get the map/mode I want. I leave because as much as GBX listen to their player base, they only make changes based on the statistics on their end. I want my choice of mode given back and instead of writing a long winded post about it (amongst 100 other long winded posts already detailing my exact complaints) I am choosing to protest in the only way that matters - increasing the stats of leavers to force GBX to rethink the causal and competitive changes


Interesting point.

Actions do speak louder than words.

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