Is there a reason this site no longer loads on Firefox?

I’ve been thinking the site was down all day till I saw a response to a posting show up in my email. I’m looking at this site right now through freaking AOL.

I’m using Firefox and I’ve no problem. Maybe it’s something on your end? Idk

Can’t imagine what, not like any other sites are not loading that I go to.

also on firefox and everything seems fine

Currently on Firefox 70.0.1 Mac and it’s working fine. I see there’s an update to 71.0.0 pending but I haven’t installed it yet. Are you getting any error messages at all, or just a completely empty page?

My first guess would be script blocking software: forums are a hosted service so you’ll want to allow both and

Without some other clues, not sure what else to suggest (Chrome? Safari?)

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I completely shut down my web browser and started it back up. Now it’s working, but that was really weird.

I have noticed that happen before when there’s some sort of platform update - it must mess with page caching somehow. :man_shrugging: