Is there a same character duo that annihilate in PVP?

I am trying to finish Toby Rail lore and found myself in a PVP with 2 Pendles on the team. While we won, the whole match was quite frustrating

They kept hiding and when I saw my shielld go down I knew one of them was behind me. I coulld 1v1 them easily but it was always a waiting game. When I would kill one Pendles the other one would wait until I got back into my position then finish me off

Or I’d beat one Pendles and try and run to safety to recharge my HP and he’d kill me just as I was about to warp! The other Pendles I mean

So I got frustrated and decided to play Pendles for a little revenge. THEN I WAS ON A TEAM WITH 2 AMBRAS!! I literally couldn’t sneak up on anybody. The sunspots were evereywhere I walked and people knew I was there and I think I went 1-10

So it got me to thinking. I want REVENGE!!
Say I found a person as Godly as me in terms of play. Which same character duo could we be to totally anhilliate the other team? I want them crying and in tears because we dominating so hard

2 Boldurs and never die?
2 Reyna and always have a double overshield on each other?
Would 2 Toby “shield walls” stack and give a HUGE boost in power and regen?

The possibilities are endless!!
(Granted,a 5 man team of all OP character would be nice but that would be too hard to coordinate. Duo is easier and can even happen randomly)

Can we please avoid ‘■■■■’ terminology?

Please and thankyou.


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Go with you being Caldarius and your friend Reyna, you achieve your vengeance through diving in to kill those “special” people and then have Reyna shield you (if she didn’t already when you went in) and cover you with priority target + lockdown

There’s a lot of really nasty things you can do but I don’t feel like putting that information out on a public thread. It’s annoying to deal with so I want as few people doing it as possible.

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Kid ultra and Benedict with the damage stacking is obscene. Just ask matrix.

The stun makes benes job easier too.

Double Kleese on outskirts is fun. Two Orendi can be a nightmare. Two Mellka’s can be the opposite of what you’re looking for

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Double Rath. During first chaos rumble, my girlfriend and I did double Rath Almost every match. And we won. Almost every single one. I think we went on a twenty win streak, or so.
You might think it’s an easy counter. That is so unbelievably wrong… knockup, slow, they both beat the crap out of you, if you start trying to escape, the other cc’s you. When they hit five, one can initiate the cc while the other goes straight ult. It’s pretty painful :slight_smile:

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2 Raths does sound so painful =(

I already hate when there is 1 Rath typically. The move where he throws you into the air is so ANNOYING!!

It was sooooo satisfying though. Especially for Miko Montana combos - it’s difficult to avoid both Raths.

I’ve seen a video of 5 kleeses cleaning house. 2 could be useful.

Double Ernests. 'Nuff said.