Is there a shortcut to the map?

Is there a shortcut to access the map? Aggravating having to go into the menu and scrolling over every time just to take a quick look at the map.

No, but you can see personal waypoints on your mini-map.

Well the current map sucks and i can’t play more than 30 mins at a time before getting aggravated and regretting buying this game. Great to have way points but easy access to a map would be a bonus. Right now my ps4 pro can’t load fast enough when I go into the map and scrolling through the menu blows more than a methed out hooker.

Back to Bl2 i guess…shouldnt ever pre order a game again

…your overreaction to a map is just wow. I’m literally speechless. Good luck with your map issues, you may want to invest in some valium.


You actually think i’m upset or over reacting, no i’m not mad upset or over reacting. The MAP sucks, plain and simple. It is a hindrance to game play until you get to the farming stage of the game. This is my first ever post on a forum. I’m a casual gamer, which means this type of stuff usually does not bother me…so take your insults and go somewhere else please.

I don’t need your medical advice I was here for BORDERLANDS 3 not a recommendation for VALIUM dude. All you had to do was say no to the original post… jerk


bad UIs are still bad and can make a great game awful and tedious. the map is pretty useless. having to make constant custom waypoints to even get to places is awful esp when traveling. at this point i rely on memory and dont even look at the map

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“m” on your keyboard.

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I will never pre order another game. (over a map issue)
I’ll go back to play BL2 (because that map UI is better?)
I may be a jerk, but is it possible you may be a tad over critical?

Totally works. However I’m inclined to think the OP doesn’t have a keyboard because they mention PS4.

Just like “i” key for inventory and so on.

In retrospect I think I was being undeservingly rude. I apologize for that. Can’t have a good supportive community if people jump right into ■■■■■■■ mode. So again I’m sorry for my response.

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“Done and Dusted”
Thread can be locked / closed before it goes even more off the rails.

the fact you were able to apologize like that says a lot about you as a person (that’s a good thing):blush:

Are you a pc player? Because I play also on a ps4 pro and kind of understand his reaction. The point is that the whole menu takes to long to load. It’s faster to get with a snowdrift to Borman Nates than waiting for your vh to actually jump into a vehicle. Same goes for the map. Every tab switch causes lags and needs a few seconds to load. I don’t need to use the map, because I played a lot and know where to go but as him I’m only a casual player and never had to register on a forum because I was mad how one of my favorite games was published. It feels like a beta version since a year now.

Thanks for reviving a 12 month old thread to offer nothing of value… Your post could have been a message to the person instead of bringing back a dead thread

My bad man i just noticed the date on it myself, first post on here

All good. Move along folks - nothing to see here! The dead will naturally disapparate shortly… :ghost: