Is there a sweet spot or trick to Laser Disker for chucking

The Laser Disker chuck hits for massive damage. Especially on a frozen target. However I have noticed on several occasions that my chuck seems to pass right through an enemy. Or even worse, it’ hits an enemy dead on yet seems to do no damage.

Is there some kind of trick or technique that I can use to get more consistent results from it? Because sometimes it hits and just obliterates and other times it seemingly does nothing.

Hi, I’ve noticed something similar. My obervation on human enemies is - the lower the chuck lands (i.e. on legs or hips) the lower the damage. Apparently the sweet spot is the crit spot. But I’m not primarily chucking guns in my builds, so I don’t have sufficient data for conclusive answers.

I think you are exactly correct. In order to get the massive damage you have have to hit a crit spot. Will try to test this more today.

What is also disconcerting is that if you miss a crit spot the Disker seems to fly right through the enemy.

Or at the very least it is very touchy about what it has to hit to explode.

I was using it against the Sentinel the other day and for some reason it seemed to do more damage when I hit near the feet.

I had similar results with IVFs. Maybe that’s because the Sentinel has no crit spot in that phase.

Dunno if it’s a general thing with Tediore throws.Will do some more testing.

I’ve been using it to farm the regular Sentinel and it definitely does more damage the closer to his head I get it. It also varies a lot in his second form but I don’t know why since his only weak spot is his face.

Mushroom Mix-Up?

I’ve seen my laser discer bounce off a guy once

Or pass right through the enemy…

Or direct hit with less damage…next chuck…a hit in the SAME SPOT procs MASSIVE damage.

It almost seems like it has a slight chance to proc a behavior we don’t want.

I am so confused by this weapon sometimes… in general I would say it is great, but as mentioned before I get better reload damage when chucking near heads and I just cannot figure out what causes it to pass through people. seems almost totally random. Anyone have any insight in the 8 days since this post went dark.

Nope. Freeze targets before hand, and throw in one more to be on the safe side.

Nope…I still haven’t figured it out…

The way I have adapted to it is just to live with the randomness…

Freeze the target beforehand as Ha_Na says…then I just chuck a pot full and I always aim for the head. With Overcharge…I can put out a ton of chucks fast.

Not ammo efficient, but when this thing hits whatever conditions are perfect…

Massive damage.