Is there a technical difference between rocketeer and autobear?

so ive been having some confusion around mozes class mods, specifically redundancy. as for the rocketeer, i dont see a point. if you can activate annointments and have autobear for 15 seconds, you almost have iron bear again, and then you can reactivate annointments. versus activatimg annointments once and having your action skill locked up for 2 minutes? not taking rocketeer seems strictly better. thats where my question comes in. is there a unique benefit to having rocketeer versus iron bear? am i missing some nuance in the usage of this mod? it seems like its a nerf to even equip this because then you can reactivate your annoinmtnets and you only gain slight uptime vs autobear. any help is greatly appreciated. also to add on, why have rocketeer when i can have blast master amd autobear? redundant


your action skill cooldown begins as soon as you exit, so it’s not locked for 2 mins. IB draws aggro and deals damage, procs few abilites like MoD (unless that’s changed since last i used it)

depending on what weapons you equip IB with, you can essentially spread mulitple elements at once (railgun to strip shields, deal corrosive, cryo bullets to freeze, target softening to debuff, lock and speed load for extra proc chances of MoD etc)

since IB draws aggro it can allow you to have a higher uptime on topped off and take less damage in general.

auto bear annointments allows you to switch weapons as they are active as long as auto bear is active.

i’ve not played around with it to much so there are probably many other things i’ve missed. that said, it does have problems and biggest one is the other coms are just better. i’ve not tried it since IB buffs, but if i could do slaughter shaft on M3 before takedown patch with it, then it’s going to be 2x better now.

also, if you are speced into auto bear you could just equip rocketeer before you exit then switch back to your main mod and still have ib out for the whole duration. i don’t like playing like that though, it interupts the flow for me.

all of those just seem like benefits of auto bear as well. i just dont see the point of it. if you leave immediately and have auto bear, you not only basically have near uptime on auto besr but you also get to proc your annointments . thats kinda why i feel like im missing soemthing, something auto bear cant do that rocketeer can? or is it just literally ‘ooh have a long term auto bear waow who needs annointments’. i REALLY wanna like it

i think the idea when they made it simply were, you get a long duration on auto bear which theoretically increase your damage since both you and auto bear can deal damage at the same time, for a longer period of time.

the problems with it is showcased for the reason you said, why bother when i can proc my annointments more often?

my guess is, when they made it - annointments were not a factor. you can also pair it with dakka bear, which i heard make you immune to damage - i’ve not tested it, but if that’s the case then it could provide a defence option aswell. i’m getting a bit curious to find some use out of it aswell now hehe. :slight_smile:

ya so i was thinking, hey long iron bear pet. he can proc MoD and give me infinite ammo! but wait… i can do that myself with grenades and splash. why not use blast master for additional damage? rocketeer must have SOMETHING else

in a similar vein: mindsweeper. oh it gives damage (less and less consistent than blast btw) but whats unique about it? oh it spawns a grenade. that procs vampyr!! but wait… i spam grenades amyway…

the two iron bear mods are sorta the same thing as rocketeer. in most cases yoi want to hop out and proc annointments. and ragining bear gives less damage than blast.

its just reduntant. everything the mods do is covered pretty well by your kit. blast master just gives damage. idk its hard to explain but im deeply perplexed so thank you for listenting to my ramblings

Rocketeer is for low maintenance “I just wanna chill with Iron Bear”. You pick some weapons, pick an anointment like “for 2 mags”, and then don’t run out the two mags, and continue on.

Not every one likes constantly hopping in and out just to turn on Anointments. They’re a bonus. So this may seem redundant to your play style, but it’s not for everyone else.

Mindsweeper is my favorite COM. For every crit, I have the chance to do AoE damage, and that has a chance to crit, which has a chance to do it again. If you’re good with crowd control and rapid fire crits, it gets insane fast. Also. An Alchemist and a Mindsweeper can create massive crit-nade chains that, when hit right, can absolutely one clip Graveward.

For me, my main guns are a Kybs Worth and a Juliet’s Dazzle. I used to run a Shock Laser Sploder. These splash guns can proc crit-nades for more splash which gives me more grenades. The entire thing is about creating an endless stream of Destruction.


Honestly, ever since I found the Rocketeer mod I’ve wondered what the point of it was when its possible to get 100% uptime on auto bear anyway. I suppose if there are fewer enemies around to kill you can end up with downtime… But still, its quite helpful to resummon it for more invulnerability windows, more anointment procs, and to reposition Iron Bear to make sure he can hit things as you clear an area.


I just hate having to jump in and out every 30 seconds. Either I’m piloting or leaving him out as a turret for as long as possible. The two Auto Bear anointed effects are mediocre, but they’re better than nothing.

The bonus splash damage anointment is really powerful for builds that use splash damage, and it lasts long enough to keep it up most of the time if you have cooldown reduction gear - much longer than the 100% dmg on ASE. For that matter, I’d say its one of the best weapon anointments short of Amara’s phasecast/phaseslam ones. Unlike those, I believe its applied multiplicatively with any bonus weapon damage you have. I can totally understand not wanting to wait through the animation just to exit immediately, however.

It would be nice if Rocketeer could get a bit of a buff though, because unless I’m missing something, from a damage stand point, it falls behind other coms. Making more play styles similarly powerful can only be a good thing.

it absolutely needs a buff. I imagine if IB ever get an option to be deployed without entering, it would make rocketeer a options perhaps. hell, perhaps even add this through the com? allthough, i kinda would like to be able to just deploy IB regardless of which mod i’m using.


As things currently stand, the most effective way to use Iron Bear at all, is to treat him like a temporary AI pet, period. Just hop in and hop straight out again with Auto Bear - your overall DPS goes up just for Moze and Iron Bear working together as a pair instead of having to play one or the other, you proc more anointment bonuses more often because your cooldown is at its lowest, and you get to use survival skills like Dakka Bear, Security Bear and FCoWA more often too. Auto Bear just opens up so many options for Moze that it’s almost mandatory in Mayhem 4.

With all that said, I do like the Rocketeer’s special effect of prolonged Auto Bear and can see its benefits, but Cloud of Lead doesn’t give you more free shots beyond 5/5 points, TCP just isn’t worth the skill points or the attention in Mayhem 4 compared to all the other tier 1 and 2 skills in the DW tree, and having both in the same class mod makes it rather lacklustre. You’re lucky if you come across one with +5 FitSD. So yeah, no question the Rocketeer COM needs a bit more love and attention from Gearbox.


Rocketeer is Zane class mod level of turd.

At least Moze just got shafted with the one deceptively useless class mod though.

They should just buff the auto bear annointments instead of the crap bonuses they currently give