Is there a unit stats database?

With all this discussion around balance I was wondering if there is a website where someone has put together all the stats for the new units, including the upgrades.

Does anyone know?

Prob out soon.

And there will def be one once the mod tools come out.

Hell, back in the day the way you;d edit existing unit stats was by changing their numbers in an excel spreadsheet and using a script to export them to a text file that was then used directly or packed into a .big

Copy and pasting of that sheet would do it for us :stuck_out_tongue:

bigDecrypter is here which basically unzips the game files.

Then there should be .wepn and .ship files, iirc.
I don’t have the game yet myself or I’d do it. Waiting to see how serious GBX is going to be able fixing the MP drop issues, and formation/tactics/balance/fun issues.

edit: linked to the wrong post. Sorry @skeeteruk. Lol

Did the small tweak and it worked. Tried finding formation stuff but don’t think I found the right files yet as its mainly coords.