Is there a viable Attikus tank build?

Like, Brawlers Boon at level 3? Maybe not passing up attack speed at level 7 but still.

That’s pretty much all. Except I’d also like to know what the build is rather than just “yes” or why not if “no”.

Going for the life steal and health regen for him is a sure way to stay alive and make him tanky, and once you hit lvl 5 getting the Health regen based on your stacks is the best thing for him, only downside is keeping the stacks after you used them up on a ability, so minion clearing is a must.

I’m gonna stop you really quick right here.

No, there isn’t a viable way to play Attikus focused on tanking damage.

There’s some good questions you need to ask yourself:

Why are you playing Attikus as a tank, when Galilea, Boldur, and Montana exist? (All of whom have hard CC and significantly higher survivability)

What are you hoping to accomplish as a tank with Attikus?

Which role are you looking to fill on your team with this build?

If you can answer some of those questions for me, I’d be happy to sit down and theory craft a flawless tank Attikus build with you.

Attikus, ironically, is not designed to tank damage. You cannot stay in lane for very long before being pushed back, no matter how much lifesteal or how much health, regen, or damage reduction you have. You are a big, slow melee character. It takes you a very long time to get in a position where you can damage enemies, and by that point you have taken a lot of damage… and if you pick Brawler’s Boon over Tenacity (the worst mistake you could possibly make playing as Attikus), you won’t do enough damage to so much as tickle whoever you’re attacking.

You can, however play as a tanky disruptor without much trouble (and without wasting your gear and helix options on non-DPS options). If an ally is being attacked, Pounce (or just sprint) in and get between your ally and the enemy. It will be very hard for them to shoot around you to damage your ally, giving your ally plenty of time to escape… and you can potentially push back the enemy or even score a kill.

For gear, imo, you need a shard generator (for leveling, mostly), and a mobility item (rare Jennerit Sprint Speed or Epic Rouge Movement are both good options). Your last option should be a rare or legendary attack speed item or Bola’s Target Finder, but you might enjoy a rare damage reduction item or Blissbeast’s Skullplate while learning to play him.


Maybe not a full-blown tank but just a decently tankier Attikus build. Off-tank maybe?

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I just got off lunch and need to get back to work, but I’ll help you later today

I think it’s viable if you use gear that gives you tanky capabilities on top of offensive boosts.

Eldrid Epics come to mind, Eldrid Epic attk speed gear with secondary max health, eldrid epic attk damage with secondary max health, and a Blue HP Regen/Epic Jennirit HP Regen.

Then at 3 and 7 you get the DPS buffs (Tenacity and attack speed thing) and at 5 the health regen (Left choice).

At that point you’ll be tanky enough without sacrificing your ability to deal a bunch of damage. Add a competent support and you should be fine.


The 3 things u need are Alani miko and reyna haha

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Well what about mode, I remember me and you agreed on meltdown he tanks just fine (though worse on paradise)

I don’t remember saying that, it must have been a while ago. But he definitely has higher survivability on Meltdown, but necessarily tankiness. It’s easier for him to engage for longer because he’s taking damage from fewer sources.

Ok that makes more sense then, in meltdown I’ve always felt tanky

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@MeltedCow Attikus is already very much an off-tank. He has an odd role as a skirmisher assassin with off-tank capabilities. If you want to increase his tanking, use his helix options for DPS (with the exception of Dampening Field and Hedronic Regeneration, some of his top helix options) and use his gear for survivability. I still recommend having at least one piece of gear be a mobility item, no matter what other items you pick

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I always found he fits his disruptor Brawler tags perfectly to be honest

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I don’t think they fit at all. A disruptor has lots of skills that interrupt or cancel enemy skills (Attikus has one, and it’s better used for escaping or slowing enemies so you can kill them), and brawlers have lots of survivability options and lots of CC (Attikus doesn’t have much of either).

However, Attikus has an AMAZING mobility skill, two DPS skills, and very, very, VERY high DPS… so he’s a skirmisher assassin.


Well to me tags are combined, he disrupts because you can go in battle, activate discharge and everyone will not want to be near you, as they don’t want to be hit, later this gives you stuff to disrupt and scare off enemies even more, pounce SHOULD hey the stun back, but late game you can get in effectively to stop an enemy and even kill them, also his ult IMMEDIATELY makes people want to get away from his, basically a brawlruptor


yup, yup! he absolutely disrupts enemy positions (a la Pouncing on snipers) as well as disrupts enemy kills by just by charging at the enemy. Oh! that makes me think… what if Attikus had a helix option where his sprinting off-hand melee animation was changed to him charging with his horns, and it knocks-up enemies if they get hit?


That’s actually a pretty damn cool idea, 8 sec cooldown perhaps


i agree, it would have to have a cooldown, or it would be more than slightly OP. 8 seconds seems a little long for an alt-melee skill, but then again it’s a VERY short cooldown for a hard CC. seems reasonable


Damage 100 perhaps too

Attikus is a character that severely lacks survivability. You are up for frustration if you decide to tank with him. I wouldn’t recommend him for pvp at all.

Recently, I wanted to experience that tank playstyle and Attikus was my first choice (mainly because of the Lightning in his skill which goes well with my name…)

Every single player would focus fire on me… newbies and experienced players alike. It didn’t matter if there was a healer right in front of them and I was all the way back.
Also, that leaping skill is unreliable for a getaway. At lot of times when I used it, i would get stuck somewhere I didn’t aim to land.

I played around 65-70 matches with this character until I had enough. I went for Boldur next and my experience changed for the better. Boldur is my main right now.

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Attikus cant tank because he dosent have a way to mitigate dmg like: galilea and her shield or montana and his damsge reduction or boldur the bastard child of galilea and montana who has a shield and damage reduction.

I tried to give attikus all life steal from helix and gear,it was the worst idea ever. Expensive gear and bad helix options, it also make you use his skills in a bad way.

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