Is there a viable Attikus tank build?

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@RayLightning Sounds about right. You really have to push him to the very limits of what his character is capable of doing to succeed with him… you need to learn when and how to use his skills as effective as possible to use them properly (looking at you, Pounce) and master and theory craft his helix to oblivion and back. Once you realize Attikus is not a tank and never will be a tank, you’ll succeed with him a bit better. Like I said, off-tank skirmisher assassin. His large health pool is used to help him fight high DPS characters and survive, not to let him stand in lane and get focus-fire to keep his teammates safe.



That was more likely my mistake. I built and played him as a “tank” with damage reduction and regen gear. Maybe as a dps hit and run type he can do better. I doubt it though. Unless it’s an Attikus with insane attack speed like this guy lol

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This attikus is hacking… He didnt got beateix buff neither had max att speed legendary + his speed helix.

Also im sure is on pc.

I use VoZF and Doomsday key.


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Yep, confirmed cheater


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Obvious hacker is obvious lol. He’s sooo fast…

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… kinda wanna try that though. Against bots of course. (Or maybe really mean people). Kidding!

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Ernest, beatrix and vozf, Doomsday key and anything with att apeed second stat.


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Does Patient Zero stack with other Patent Zero’s? If so, we could have the ultimate Chaos Rumble wrecking ball

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I… I… I have no ■■■■■■■ idea.

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(otsuexodus) #30

I know Patient Zero doesn’t seem to reapply on itself when I play in PvE.
I tried to maximize Beatrix’s uptime on a single target via stacking Cool down Reduction and Lingering Side Effects.
When fired at an Ally that I knew the duration was about to expire on, the effect ‘hit’ but did not extend the time of the buff (I believe the ally in question was AI Boldur when soloing The Experiment).
It wore off within a second of application, leading me to believe that Patient Zero does not stack or reapply.