Is there a way I can use Elemental Projector and self hurt guns without downing myself?

Got a Moar Pain is Power with SNTNL cryo and a Pestilence with Consesutive hits anointment, but the former requires me to be careful so as not to down myself, while Pestilence just straight up down me when the radiation triggers.

Is the self damage proportional to gun damage? I’ve got a good elemental projector white elephant with 16% rad damage, 29% rad resist, and 27% irradiate chance, if that matters. Running Zane with Seein Dead, too.

Very powerful but not much good at staying alive.

Also are there any other good self hurt guns?

Put on a Red Suit with the Pestilence and problem solved for that one.

Will I still be irradiated? The elemental projector part is the bread and butter for this build

Actually, I can go test it right now. Brb

Okay, that seems to work, though for some reason the first explosion did drain the shield. It didn’t after that, though. I’ll try some mobbing and see how it goes

Yeah you’re still irradiated.

Yeah, that takes care of that problem. Cheers.

I’ll do some more testing.

Okay so apparently the red suit is not great at mitigating Pain is Power, so I basically need to be doing constant life steal to avoid getting downed with it. Not great for mobbing

For my Gamma Burst Flak that uses a Red Suit + Elemental Projector I shoot an Itchy (Radiation) Devils Foursum at my feet or I use a Radiation Grenade that has the “Blight” property. Throw one at your feet and it should irradiate you/activate the EP.

Is that more effective than a decent Pestilence?
Plus I’m using Zane so grenades are a no-go.

With a Foursum, it takes me at least two-three shots to actually irradiate myself. I like it better than the Pestilence because the latter is so ammo hungry.

Do either or both of your Zane widgets have the capacity to drop grenades? If so, give them a Blight grenade and walk through the cloud that develops when they drop it. It should last 4 seconds. With double Blight, it lasts six seconds. I have never run Zane with a Red Suit, but I do run both Clone and SNTL and both have the ability to drop grenades. I equipped a Spring Cluster F*ck Exploder (MIRV + Mini MIRV + Bounce ) with Radiation and there were yellow clouds everywhere. It was actually hilarious. Grenades thrown by the Clone do not hurt you, so they may not irradiate you either for Elemental Projector purposes, now that I think about it. The SNTL’s grenades may hurt you…but with a Seein Red, I tank so much damage as Zane it is hard to tell.

Well, I’m still downing myself constantly with the Pain is Power.

How do you tank that kind of damage? It’s so much dps.

pain is power is horridly dangerous while coupled with elemental projector because you reignite yourself with boosted damage , maybe you can use it if you cap your fire resistance but I don’t think you’ll be able to use both radiation and pain is power

I’ve found a workaround; swapping weapons stops the fires.

But yeah I may need to spec specifically around one or the other.

Odd you’re taking damage, I run radiation Zane too and used to use elemental projector and red suit kept me from self harming myself with radiation.

I now use an atom balm though, might be worth experimenting with that as it is great to spread radiation and increase your DOT. Ideally I’ll find an elemental projector atom balm that also adds shield (Rad suit is very low capacity so I use COM and relict boost) to get best of everything.

Is elemental projector atom balm possible?

The damage I’m getting is from Pain is Power, which has become my new M4 graveward killer. I just need to be careful with it and not miss :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m not sure but I’ll keep looking lol. I don’t really use Zane on graveward, I love him for mobbing but bosses my Flak shines, and my Zane is glass cannon so pain is power will destroy me lol.

I found out that Conference Call is suprisingly efficient against Graveward, haven’t tried it with Zane though