Is there a way to disable the Ctrl+F gearbox forum search intercept?


I really depend on Ctrl+F to find things quickly on webpages, and not being able to do that on Gearbox forum really reduce the value of the forums.

I’m not aware of this being a something that we’ve disabled. It works fine for me. Anyone else experiencing this?

It’s working fine for me just now, but I have had it where Ctrl+F brings up a Forum search bar (instead of the standard Windows one), which then searches the entire internet, not just text on the page you’re on. It has made searching difficult. I assume this is what the OP is referring to?

It may be browser-dependent, as I still have my usual Find menu. Try using a different browser, and see if that helps.

Answered this on your other post - hitting the combo twice over-rides the page search tool and brings up your browser find function. A word of caution though: because of the way each thread is a continuous page that is partially cached and loaded in instalments, the browser “Find” function may not always be successful. Note that the site’s search tool does provide a checkbox to limit to the current topic or category (very useful), as well as an “options” link.


In general I find the forum search function is pretty poor, especially if you’re using a search term with a large number of results (like a username). I’ve often gone to google and done a site search with key terms, which is a lot more useful at giving you the full number of results and taking you to the exact place on the page.