Is there a way to heal consistently without Life Steal skills?

Trying a build for Zane, and due to thematic reasons, I’m wanting to avoid health steal skills like Salvation.

Trouble is, health regen skills don’t quite cut it in the heat of battle, and, from what I’ve found, Trans-fusion grenade does not cut it; not sure if there’s something wrong with it, or if it’s a case of “damage to enemy health” making it useless against enemies with shields/armour.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Would appreciate it.

As I remember I’ve seen some shield or artefact that can heal you consistently.

Life stealing on action skill end anointment on weapons, life regen on artifacts, shields and class mods and hunting for health kits in containers.
If you aren’t counting on skills to heal your options are pretty limited…

try chupa organ(homing cloning version), it does not have the usual limitation of transfusion grenades that effectively only steal life for health bat and shield from shield bar. Now chupa organ acts a bit differently and it s more like an instance of life leech, if you throw them manually you have to time them.

Another option knife drain artificat + fishslap
or if you tolerate weapon switching knifedrain+ facepuncher.
-Moxxi weapons
-Queen call /king call have an unlisted built in life leech


Ah, the Otto Idol, true. May test that.

I’ll give the chooper a go, cheers

the most consistent healing without life steal anoints or skills would be atlas grenade with rolls mirv mirv/bouncy transfusion or as u mentioned transfiusion with double generator rolls however none of them are good enough to be fail safe. also as mentioned atlas chupas organ can do some work but honestly you a re fighting an uphill battle

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There’s the knife drain and facepuncher option. Also the new beskar shield from arms race is pretty good at damage mitigation if you have that dlc.

You can use shields and such

Also the health regen augment on your shield skill can help

Not sure how good transfusion works… You’ll probably be better off with a shock variant

Also calm, cool, collected works just fine for me.

The dome skill helps a lot with survival

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No life steal huh? Well, how willing are you to use a Techspert and a Rough Rider/Initiative build? Right now that’s what I run on my CCC build with the Clone (HP Regen while active anoint) and Drone (SNTL-Cryo). Rise to the Occassion (10% of Max) + Clone HP Regen (3% of Max) + CCC (3% of Max) + Donnybrook boosted by Seein’ Red (5.8 of Missing) = A whole lot of Health Regen. If you have DLC 5 you could also use the Holy Grail artifact, the HOT Spring grenade and more regen from purple tree’s Renegade skill (Not much, 1.5%, but every little helps).

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I think there’s a purple shield (quest reward) in DLC1 that could work really well for you

Didn’t know!

Also, the actual Leech pistol (story mission weapon which can be found in Earl’s vending machine (no anointments though) has life steal.

I play allegiance only, so Moze is the only person I’ve ever used this weapon with. In Zane’s hands… a healthy stack of Playing Dirty should let you throw multiple tasers, and with headshots, they’ll constantly throw crits (for free, like you can take cover for a moment, and enjoy several seconds of constant critical hits, which are also filling your health meter). Plus, it’ll retrigger Renegade (not that you’re interested in this), Domino Effect, Sheer Will, and… I’m not sure what Eraser will do. :thinking:

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With the new dlc you can use hot spring :slight_smile:

Have you used that thing? I did some quick experiments in Sanctuary III with it and a Bloodletter Moze… seems a little overpowered? Like one application, and you get perma health-regen? Also, after using, NPCs will gain health if you stand next to them. I get that we’re writing off an entire weapon category for it, but still… will probably combine with my Rough Rider melee FL4K and Tank Moze.

I don’t own the dlc
I saw a YouTube video and it is pretty much perma heal, it might be able to stack, but under heavy fire you still die
So it’s not stronger than rushin offensive with mayhem 10 power creep

Offense is the best defense :joy:

That’s how I play the takedown haha… Kill them before they can shoot me hahaha

I believe your thinking about the double downer shield. Doesn’t help with health regen, but will help get you out of FFYL. I use one religiously with my splash Moze since I can barely fire a weapon without downing myself.

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Hot Spring is really lack luster, looks cool to stack it on the floor but in practical application the player rarely is able to stay in the tiny circle.

Or you can just play Amara :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
But yeah everyone here has laid out good suggestions. I don’t use Zane much but his clone has some life saving capabilities too. I’ve never had too much trouble if I play defensively
Edit: the new Beskar shield looks like it can replace barrier; have yet to test

This is the way

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