Is there a way to invoke the Drunk Effect reliably?

Been trying the Dragons again at OP8…

It is virtually impossible for Axton to take out a Dragon at one landing without using the Flakker/Ahab swap trick.

33 rounds of Fire Norfleet on a Slagged Healanith will only get him down to half…from there its a Fire Interfacer and 2-3 more landings.

All the while with virtual heck raining down on you.

A BeeHawk can be done but it’s about a 1 in 50 chance or worse…and your shield is just paper…and even then, I haven’t seen it done with one landing and BeeHawk.

So I was thinking Drunk Effect on a Fire Norfleet might possibly do it.

But I cannot seem to invoke that effect in a timely manner.

Is there a technique involved that will reliably invoke that effect from a Grog??


Yes, quickly open and close your inventory; I do it with Tab, can’t remember if it’s the default key.
Just push it until you see the crosshair spreading.


I was skeptical about that sort of thing (as well as swapping between weapons), and haven’t done any real testing, but what I think might be happening is that when the gun is just in your hand, the dice for whether or not you get drunk rolls maybe once every couple of seconds or so. When you first equip the gun, it immediately rolls the dice. If you don’t get drunk, swapping away from and back to the gun causes it to re-roll the dice immediately instead of waiting a couple of seconds to re-roll.

I have no evidence to support this whatsoever other than it “seems” like this describes the behavior.


What they said, I always switch weapons and/or open my inventory repeatedly. But for some reason I could not get it to work yesterday; I was trying to drunk-shot Hive HERLE and I just could not get Gaige drunk. (lol that sounds so bad)


Both methods work…it’s just that they are still so random that it makes it impractical in a fight.

I ran 25 runs on the Dragons and only got the effect to proc decently during the fight with the first dragon one time…

You simply run out of time while the Dragon is landed switching weps or going in and out of inventory.

That one time I was able to get 6 reliable drunk volleys with a fire Norfleet

A volley is three rounds…times three for the Drunk effect…so 9 orbs each shot

So in essence I hit Boost with 18 Rounds and 54 Orbs…

and still only got him down to less than half! And I used a Slag turret to keep him slagged the whole time.

And died soon after that because you are fiddling around with trying to get the drunk effect instead of being anything close to defensive with movement.

I saw a vid of Bahroo doing this with Axton and all he was doing is swichting weps but I SWEAR he was getting the effect all the time after about three quick switches.

Sigh…and the Dragons are resistant to Grenade Damge so Chucking seems out of the question…

I just don’t think Axton has the Burst DPS to get the fight done reliably at OP8.

Sure…It can be done…and I did it…ONCE…after 127 straight tries over two weeks.;

Not exactly reliable odds…

I do know that Flakker/Ahab WILL get the job done…so if you want tof farm for Omens or Stingers or Blockades…don’t mess around, just go Flakker/Ahab swap.

But I was looking for a “decent” way to win.

Of course invoking the “Drunk Effect” I kinda feel is even lamer then Flakker/Ahab…LOL

But beggars can’t be choosers.


When I play drunk Gaige, I usually play some backup combat style that works with the Grog Nozzle. When I notice her get drunk, I quickly swap to the launcher and can usually get two shots off (she doesnt have a fast weapon switch skill). Have you tried the Hive on them?


Yea I was just messing around. My buddy and I have been ‘trolling’ the cutscenes by shooting drunk Hive shots right as they’re about to trigger. Had some pretty funny moments with that, so I had a leftover Grog and Hive in her backpack. XD

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