Is there a way to make a new character without old badass tokens

Me and a friend bought this game yesterday to coop together and i noticed i had a load of badass tokens when we started a new game and my friend had none since he never played borderland2 on ps3

I really want to start a char on the same page as my friend, no badass tokens.

I unlinked my psn account from the shift account but i still get the tokens no matter what i try.

Any way to solve this please?

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You can disable your badass rank.

The badass screen shows which button will do so along the bottom.

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To add to what @Kitty_Jo said, the enabled/disabled state is stored for each character save. So you can have one with BAR and one without.

The problem you may run into is that BAR points accrue regardless of whether or not the perks from them are enabled or disabled. You can always leave the points unassigned though.

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